Scientists have discovered the mystery of the mysterious crater in Siberia

A photo from open sources

Many of the most diverse theories among scientists have generated guesses about the origin of the mysterious craters that appeared on territory of Siberia. Some even suggested that craters appeared as a result of the activities of aliens. In the middle of July this year, local reindeer herders accidentally stumbled upon a crater, formed on the Yamal Peninsula, whose name translates as “End of the world”. The width of the crater reaches 80 meters. For this period of time managed to find two more such finds: 15-meter crater in the area of ​​the Tazovsky reserve and 100-meter – on peninsula of Taimyr. To find out the true cause of occurrence craters, Russian scientists began a scientific investigation. Geophysicist Vladimir Romanovsky decided to share his findings: “My personal opinion is this: these craters are a type of karst funnel, which is formed in case of stagnation of water. Probably meltwater accumulated over the years and couldn’t seep through the soil, therefore, instead of going down, she broke out, thus forming mysterious holes. ” looking at the photo of the craters it is clearly seen that they have enough high edges-embankments (about 1 meter), which appeared as a result internal discharge. It also, according to scientists, is confirmation that the holes formed in the form of a funnel. Water (in this case, thawed ice) accumulated for a long time in underground cavity, and then, under the influence of internal pressure, created by natural gas (most likely methane), ultimately eventually burst out, forming a crater. Also in the photo of the holes young vegetation is seen. This suggests that the data craters formed several years ago. Scientists believe that, perhaps there are more “fresh” funnels, however, so that their to find, you need to view recent satellite images from high resolution.

A photo from open sources Despite the clarity of the overall picture, there is a lot of questions: if holes appeared as a result of internal ejection, why are the edges of the craters so even? Is there enough gas in these places for such eruptions? And where can they be expected? It turns out that this region of Siberia contains deep gas Place of Birth. In addition, there are many small lakes, some of them appeared about 10,000 years ago at that a time when the climate of these places was much warmer. Maybe these strange holes in the ground filled with water back then, and today, thanks to global warming, water has melted, and triggered emissions. If so, soon us Expects a lot of such surprises, scientists say.

Water Time Siberia

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