Scientists have explained the disappearance Malaysian Boeing

Scientists have explained the disappearance of the Malaysian BoeingA photo Open Source Malaysian Boeing Passenger Aircraft disappeared without a trace over the South China Sea in March last year. Before not even the slightest trace of this crash has been found, hence many different versions of this disappearance were born – from scientific to the most fantastic.

Scientists, of course, still put forward their own, logically reasonable options. The other day, experts calculated the tragic events on the Raad supercomputer, trying to simulate a flight on it Boeing in every detail, down to wind power, air humidity and fluid viscosity where the plane could fall.

The most realistic scientists thought the version in which the airliner went vertically under water, which to some extent can explain why there isn’t even left on the surface of the ocean the slightest trace, for example, oil stains from fuel, not to mention already about the wreckage. However, skeptics argue that traces should be does not matter. Given the force of water ejection and almost inevitability destruction of the aircraft from contact with the surface of the ocean at fall speeds of seventy meters per second then current the explanation again seems not quite real.

Recall that Malaysian Boeing followed the Kuala Lumpur route – Beijing, it flew more than two hundred passengers and twelve members crew. The plane disappeared from the radar suddenly and somehow very mysteriously, without any distress signals. All searches for him or traces of a crash in which so many people were involved and technicians that the costs of this event could quietly recoup several of these Boeings did not give anything.

Anyone who wants to learn more about this mysterious disappearance, which many researchers explain or failure plane to a parallel world, or a well-planned abduction Boeing from the side of the puppeteers (on the airliner, surprisingly flew a lot of top-class specialists, as if specially collected for this purpose), see the documentary project “Secrets missing ships. “In this three-part film, the richest material about many of these disappearances that have remained a mystery to humanity.

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