Scientists have explored a mysterious mud river in Chelyabinsk region

Scientists have explored a mysterious mud river in the Chelyabinsk regionA photo from open sources

Russian scientists from the Uralseismocenter investigated the mysterious natural phenomenon that manifested itself in September and October of this years near Katav-Ivanovsk in the Chelyabinsk region. Local residents discovered an incomprehensible rift in the forest along which the real mud river flowed swiftly.

She easily broke whole trunks in her path, scattering on the sides are uplifted fraternities and stones. According to Katav-Ivanovites, there was an unprecedented rumble, as if it had begun Apocalypse. Supporters of supernatural theories began to build various speculations regarding the nature of this disaster.

Meanwhile, orthodox scholars associated what happened with intense earthquake that took place in the region on the night of 5 September In some places, the tremors exceeded 6.5 points. It is noteworthy that the trembling of the earth was then felt in Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Ufa and many other cities of the Urals.

Despite this, many alternative specialists are still tend to believe that a landslide could not have formed on such a flat site, even as a result of a strong earthquake. And where in dry weather took tons of liquid mud? In a word, bye Researchers have not reached full consensus.


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