Scientists have recognized children as psychics

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Children more often than adults exhibit extrasensory abilities, such as telepathy and clairvoyance. I came to this conclusion team of specialists from the Research Center Raina, engaged in the study of paranormal phenomena. However, there is a number of independent studies on this subject carried out in different times in different countries. The mentioned scientific center was founded in the 30s of the last century, a researcher of anomalous phenomena J. B. Rain. His follower Louise Rhine has compiled an archive from 216 letters she received from school children. All respondents reported one or another experience they experienced related with extrasensory perception. Recently, a child psychologist and employee Raina Center Dr. Athena A. Drews analyzed the content of these letters. So, they described 157 episodes that happened spontaneously, associated with paranormal phenomena. 77 percent of them made prophetic dreams or come true premonitions. Ten percent correspondence was about telepathy, and 14 percent clairvoyance. Moreover, more than half of the events predicted by children turned out to be not too significant, at least in terms of adult: they were associated with clothing, school grades or pets. As for such a phenomenon as telepathy, then most often in children there was a telepathic connection with their parents or educators. Dr. Druce noted that among the authors of such letters were more girls than boys – maybe be, because girls have more developed intuition. Moreover, the author of the study believes that psychic abilities influences the type of personality of the child. So, more often they appear in extravert children, because they feel a lot of connection with others world and people. They can also occur in those children who believe in such things. Many researchers note that unusual abilities are often found in children who survived various psychological trauma. So, a professor of psychology from the University Connecticut Kenneth Ring writes that such a child “will seek isolate yourself from the traumatic aspects of the physical and social of the world. This may cause him to tune in to others. realities. “Dr. Shari A. Cohn-Simman interviewed 208 families residing in the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles, where, according to statistical given, many people with supernatural powers. The researcher found that ten percent of people with such abilities were twins, although among the population of these counties, the number of twins was only three percent. how it’s known that there is a certain connection between twins since childhood, thanks to which they feel each other. They can synchronously perform certain actions, even while being at a significant distance from each other, and at the same time get injured or get sick. Do these abilities fade with age? Athena Drews believes that no, just with age many people suppress them in themselves and stop paying attention to such things. “Perhaps children have a more open mind, – write Dr. Drews and her colleague Sally Fizer in a scientific article. – They do not perceive impossible things that are considered such in our society, they don’t characterized by skepticism. “Sylvia Hart Wright in the report” Features childhood enhancing psychic abilities “published in “Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies,” writes: “Negative attitude to paranormal phenomena, which is often caused by conservative materialistic views, leads to that children begin to intuitively suppress such abilities. But if people around say that getting information using supernatural abilities is normal, children begin to develop them. “As an example, Wright relies on research sociologist Charles Emmory. He leads a case from the childhood of one woman – a medium in the third generation. Somehow girl she told her mother that she saw a man standing in the corner of the room. Instead in order to scold her daughter for fantasies, she calmly asked how the name is a stranger. Another woman told that her grandmother in childhood, she tried to develop her psychic abilities. For example, she hid the key and asked him to find it. And she said: “Become the key and tell me where you are.” With time girls’ abilities have not died out, and as adults, they still do not lost what is called “extrasensory perception.” Can to be precisely because their loved ones were loyal to this and not forbade children to “fantasize”. Margarita Troitsyna


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