Scientists have revealed the secret of Maim’s hillocks rodents

Scientists have revealed the secret of Maim's hillocks - the matter is in rodentsA photo from open sources

US researchers announced the disclosure of the secrets of one of the most mysterious geological formations on the planet – mounds Mayma.

Small ground elevations, each about a meter high, found in North America. They are neat in rows and cover large areas of the territory.

For a long time there were various theories of the origin of the hillocks Maima: some called them the result of earthquakes and movements glaciers, others attributed them to ancient burials, advanced also a version of aliens.

Now researchers from the american geophysical union from San Francisco concluded that Maima hillocks owe their the existence of tiny rodents that raised soil as digging into the ground. For hundreds of years, small tubercles significantly increased in size, scientists say.


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