Scientists unearthed a mysterious artifact that began to bring them misfortune

Scientists unearthed a mysterious artifact that began to bring them misfortuneA photo from open sources

Scientists unearthed an artifact of the period in the Israeli Negev desert Hellenism (323-30 years BC), after which they became all kinds of misfortunes happen.

Archaeologists from Jerusalem Hebrew University discovered 2200 year old rectangular structure parallelepiped made of white stone. Researchers have helped in this. modern drones equipped with video cameras. Using them experts found something reminiscent of an Edom temple in which an ancient relic was hidden.

A photo from open sources

A mysterious item looks like a stone box with volumetric images of livestock on four faces. The find was made by archaeologists in the national park Beit Guvrin Maresha. Excavation supervisor, Dr. Oren Gatfeld, and also his colleagues Pablo Betser and Michal Aber report that the artifact should be incredibly rare – before world scientists did not find nothing like this. The stone box was probably made during the conquest of this region by the Hasmonean priesthood. But why? Maybe this is a sacred altar? Or a vessel in which something is hidden?

Revenge-like misfortunes

However, this is far from the strangest. It was worth scientists to extract relic to the surface how the team members began to happen various mysterious things – misfortunes very similar to revenge some powerful otherworldly forces. One of the experts accidentally twisted his leg, the other was badly injured with a knife and shoulder blade, the third crushed his hand with a stone, miraculously not crushing the brush. Is worth note that history knows many cases when during excavations with archaeologists misfortunes began to occur. Enough remember the famous Egyptian pyramids, in an incomprehensible way Killed dozens of experienced researchers – of those who dared disturb the sleep of the pharaohs in the tombs.

A photo from open sources

Unfortunately, people of science who value their reputation are unlikely recognized by the public and sometimes even by each other that the fault may be precisely their interaction with the artifact. Maybe, Israeli specialists should not have removed this item from of the ancient temple, because in this way she incurred anger some supernatural forces, for many centuries guarded this place is from people.

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