Scientists went down to the cave from which they were strange sounds are heard, and did not believe their eyes

Scientists went down into the cave, from which strange sounds were heard, and did not believe their eyesA photo from open sources

It all started with how in the 90s of the last century one Vietnamese peasant heard strange wafting from under the ground sounds, but from fear did not dare to go down and figure them out origin.

Only 20 years later – in 2009, a group of researchers, remembering a long history with a peasant, she decided to go down to that place underground. Going down to the most ordinary cave, scientists did not expect run into incredible things in it.

A photo from open sources

Mysterious Shondong Cave (Song Dung)

The cave called Shondong was not at all simple, in it an underground river was discovered, near which green the jungle, and absolutely incredible – there were clouds. It turned out, that in Shondong is the largest underground waterfall in the world.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Scientists also believe that this is the largest cave in the world. Shondong height is about 150 meters. Theoretically in her a forty-story skyscraper can fit. Cave length approximately 8 kilometers and a width of about 180 meters.

Despite the depth, a little sunlight falls into the cave, which was a favorable factor in the life of tropical plants. In addition, scientists have discovered new species of animals.

A photo from open sources

Locals believe that water produced from an underground river possesses healing power. Currently an amazing cave Shondong is open to the public, but the cost of the excursion is far from everyone can afford – almost 3,000 American dollars for one person.

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