Screaming and moving stone in Belarusian the forest

Screaming and moving stone in the Belarusian forestPhoto from open sources

In the Vitebsk region in the north of Belarus there is a forest in which, as and in any other forest, stones lie. However, one of these stones does not similar to others. To locals about the amazing properties of this a piece of rock has been known at least since the beginning of the last century. It is called here in different ways: a talking stone, a screaming stone, stone howler, stone whistler and stuff like that.

It’s well known that over the past few decades the stone spontaneously moved more than a hundred meters. how it is known that similar walking stones are found in other parts Sveta. For example, in the Death Valley American National Park there are many boulders that continuously crawl along clay the bottom of a dried lake, periodically changing direction and leaving behind zigzag tracks. Scientists are still not able explain the nature of this phenomenon.

The amazing properties of stone in the forest

But the Belarusian creeping stone, as you might have guessed from it the above nicknames, most famous for his other feature. He is able to talk. Back in Soviet times, here children came running to listen to the uterine sounds coming from inside the boulder. Sometimes the stone roared, sometimes it hummed, sometimes as if something was slurring. Used to be nearby the village of Dashki, where the children came to play with the block, however Now the village is abandoned, so the howler stone has lost all its former admirers. However, researchers are paranormal phenomena from time to time visit anomalies to check her movement and with your own ears hear the produced by her mysterious sounds.

A photo from open sources

Even more interesting is that the talker stone has a habit of responding to whistle. If you stand away from him and whistle well, then with side of the mossy block in response, a characteristic high-pitched sound is heard: quiet and lingering, completely unlike your whistle. How much you want to scream, howl and clap your hands, trying to find here echo, but it is not in this place, and never was. Recalls the abnormal stone only whistles, ignoring other sounds.

Screaming stone is hard to find

Getting to the talking boulder is very difficult today. The normal road to these abandoned places has long been absent, therefore, experts leave their cars in the nearest residential tree Vasevichs and make several kilometers for their two, through thickets and swamps. When civilization departed from here, wound up in the forest beavers dammed a large land area. Mysterious stone now stands in such a dam, and it’s not close to him only difficult, but also really dangerous. One gets the impression that a living block specially chose such a place for its dwelling. Every year she gradually sinks into a quagmire and someday completely disappear from human eyes.

The length of the boulder is 1.4 meters, width – 1.1 meters, height – 0.9 meters. It is noteworthy that the recording equipment is not in able to capture sound waves emanating from the stone. Not him uterine roar, no distant whistle. Specialists repeatedly brought highly sensitive microphones to the block, but to no avail. You might think that the anomaly only affects the human brain.

Causes of abnormal stone behavior

What a riddle this striking lump hidden in swampy forest?

Some believe that this is an alien stone that once fell into given area from space. Others suggest that unusual the boulder has a unique energy that makes it vibrate. Still others are generally inclined to believe that they live in a lump. ghost or forest spirit. In a word, there are many hypotheses, but to say anything with absolute accuracy is impossible.

Skeptics, of course, put forward their theories. For example, whistle they explain the stone by the fact that some bird can live nearby, responding to the whistle of a person. Allegedly, she hears a whistle from afar and also gives a voice in response, but is afraid to give himself up close. Ornithologists report that this is possible in principle, but not with such amazing constancy. The same bird cannot to be here always, while still being invisible to people.

A photo from open sources

There are also doubters who claim that stone can make sounds while breathing due to changes in day and night temperatures. Like, in the rock there are numerous cracks covered the smallest leaves of mica, and when warm air comes out stone to the outside, it blows mica, making the stone sound. But why are these sounds not recorded then professional expensive equipment? And why do these sounds sound like an echo on human appeals?

Maybe one of the scientists would think of taking the howler stone and study it in the laboratory? Or is it worth giving a boulder to disappear in a quagmire, as probably was intended by nature? Not forever he amuse man with his amazing properties …

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