Seattle’s grandmother only ate a month sunshine

A photo from open sources

Seven Shawn, Seven, refused food, replacing it sunbathing. She already withstood a month of such an experiment and going to continue it for six months.

60-year-old American decided to test her body for strength. On the videos she regularly puts it on the Internet, she says she’s not going to surprise scientists, and her experiment is important only for herself. On strict American diet has already lasted more than a month. In the second video posted on the network, she says that she lost 9 kg and sometimes she is hungry, but it’s fast passes by.

Internet users condemned Shine’s actions, believing that from lack of food she will die soon. Navenna herself disagrees with this opinion – she believes that feeding the sun will help her become it’s better.

American inspired a new direction in alternative medicine – Bretarianism. People who decide to abide by this diet just refuse any kind of food. A similar course is Frutarianism – implies a transition to exclusively vegetable food.

Bretarian websites say that a person is he really doesn’t need food – this is a stereotype imposed on him from childhood. Refusing food, a person will be able to reveal his potential and get closer to spiritual harmony, proponents of the movement write.

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