Second Indian suffers spontaneous combustion already child

In 2013, the mystery of the self-igniting son of an Indian woman Rajeshwari from the city of Chennai forced doctors to smash their heads. A three-month-old boy named Rahul was taken several times to the hospital. According to medical professionals, for their short life the boy caught fire without an external ignition source of at least four times.

Doctors examined Rahul, but could not find the reason for him a strange ailment, which greatly complicated the diagnosis. Doctors put forward a variety of versions, but the largest number adherents gained the theory of vaporization of gases through the skin baby.

Rahul spontaneously ignites several times

The second child suffers spontaneous combustion at the Indian womanA photo from open sources

Neighbors and relatives of Rajeshvari were sure that the child Mom sets fire to herself. Therefore, she is 22 years old with her son, husband and the eldest daughter was expelled from the village, and the refuge was found in the medical Kilpauk College (KMCH) of Chennai. After this spontaneous combustion Rahula stopped (or mother no longer reported about them).

And a year later, a little later, the same Rajeshvari was born the second son and soon also ended up in a hospital bed with burns of unknown origin.

The second son received burns on both legs

A photo from open sources

They write that the fact of spontaneous spontaneous combustion, which is a matter of suspicious and paranormal, happened to the baby on the 6th day life, as Rajeshvari explained, again bringing a “sensation” to college territory. Where before clarifying the truth the parent had to shelter. This time, the nameless Indian has unexpectedly legs blazed below the knees.

For the health of the self-ignited maltz and his mysterious mother in Kilpauk College Hospital is watched by five doctors: pediatricians, psychiatrist and plastic surgeons. The hospital’s management informs which took many samples for analysis, some of which were sent for testing somewhere higher, the results are expected the other day.

Spontaneous spontaneous combustion of a person: a phenomenon or sell?

Unexpected ignition from the inside, supposedly without visible external reasons in a number of documented cases officially recognized as the cause of death. Researchers succeeded to study about 200 such cases when the body was found burnt and could not establish where the fire came from and why not extinguished.

In most sensational cases, victims of spontaneous combustion were elderly or sick people, or even under couples alcohol. This explains why they did not succeed in a short time. escape from the fire.

But in a series of “self-immolations”, a fact other than intrigues of dark forces the death of the victim could not be explained. And at the end of the 20th century some smart people even paid attention to the so-called effect the human candle.

“Man is a candle”

A photo from open sources

The “candle” of this is allegedly arranged as follows: a person’s clothing is wick, and its fat – a combustible substance that supports the flame. After ignition and fire, the victim’s lower limbs may remain. unscathed – possibly due to lower body temperature the person is lower, and therefore there is a temperature gradient, legs protecting against fire. And for the outbreak to be enough, they say, and the discharge of static electricity.

However, a number of experiments put in support of the theory of “human candles, “was years later recognized as falsification. Therefore lovers mystics continue to seek justification for the “spontaneous phenomenon spontaneous combustion “already in space – where scientists had visited before and, Of course, no mysticism was found. So, they looked bad …

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