“Second Sun” was seen from Russian aircraft

Photo from open sources

Russian citizen flying from one city of our vast country to another aboard an S7 Airlines plane claims that he witnessed an unusual phenomenon. Looking out the window the man unexpectedly noticed the second, a small star above the sun. The surprised passenger took out his smartphone and captured an anomaly on the gadget’s camera after receiving the video below. According to astonished witness, he had never watched anything before like that.

According to many domestic and foreign conspiracy theorists, cryptic frames are yet another proof that Earth approached the legendary planet Nibiru, which is harbinger of Armageddon. Official science zealously denies the existence of this deadly celestial body however ufologists have repeatedly found indirect evidence that Orthodox scholars and the powers that be are well aware of the existence of Planet X.

But the question is: why at the government level (at least one countries) no one is sounding the alarm on the occasion of the approach of Planet X? Some ufologists, for example, are convinced that world government has long been in contact with aliens, and he happened in the second half of the last century, when the USSR and the USA tried to colonize The moon is the man-made base of aliens. It was then that they were in a hurry and mysteriously collapsed all the lunar programs, which for some reason are still so far remain at the level of the vague plans of world powers. Exactly then, conspiracy theorists say, an agreement was reached on Earth protection from space strikes, including from troubles from the side of Planet X.

One of the most striking examples of such a defense – shot down by aliens in 2013 Chelyabinsk meteorite (video below), practically trouble-free work of the ISS, computerization of our planet and much another. For this reason, and Nibiru, which are so numerous evidence (including today’s case) of recent years, practically does not cause any inconvenience to the Earth, and it excites unless ufologists and other independent researchers, but nothing not powerful of this world …

Nibiru Aircraft Sun

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