Secret base of the ice continent and mysterious Antarctic clouds

The secret base of the ice continent and the mysterious clouds of AntarcticaA photo from open sources

Independent researchers of Antarctica who for this use modern cartographic applications, periodically found in pictures of the ice continent, considered the most mysterious place on the planet, inexplicable objects and phenomena.

The last such discovery was discovered using Google Earth (coordinates – 80 ° 17’24.11 “S 81 ° 53’15.22” W) near the ridge The legacy is a huge base and crashed (apparently, a long time ago) apparatus near her. The size of the base, according to researchers, is approximately 470 x 260 meters.

A photo from open sources

It is difficult to judge what kind of base it is and what kind of apparatus, the author writes this find, but it’s surprising: research station, and from there to the mysterious object beaten quite a clear road, that is, people constantly go back and forth. what they are looking at this facility, why not in the press, not even on the Internet neither a word nor a word about it?

A photo from open sources

But if the allegedly crashed UFO and the base near it were discovered speak in favor of unearthly origin only indirectly, then ISS Antarctic photographs recently published on the Web the Internet, literally amaze with its mystery and some even “stressed” unreality.

A photo from open sources

The pictures show clouds, but they have absolutely fantastic structure, as if someone took them at one point and pulled – and it turned out a kind of cone wave (see pictures). Or at cloud paths turned out to be some kind of obstacle, say peak the mountains. But there are no mountains in that place of Antarctica. You can still assume that this is a trace of the action of some aircraft, the same UFO. True, something “flying saucers” something is not visible …

A photo from open sources

In a word – Antarctica! As always, mysterious and not comprehensible. Especially in our world where hiding information from the masses put at the forefront of power structures of all without country exclusions. Despite this, modern computer technology and intense melting of ice at the south pole at least a little but reveal the secrets of this ice continent to independent researchers who are in a hurry to share their findings with everyone World Wide Web users, with those of course interested in. And apparently, apparently, many are interested …


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