Secrets of healing auto-suggestion

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Scientists are trying to understand why some people act spells of sorcerers, while others recover by drinking a glass of clean water. Placebo Secret Placebo is a “dummy” – pill or a solution that does not contain any medicine. They “treat”. Not all, of course, but many. Especially if doctors tell patients that give the latest drug. And they explain how he should act. The miraculous effect was first discovered in 1955. Then anesthetist from Boston Henry Beecher was surprised to note that useless sugar pills or a glass of pure water is beneficial acted on 35 percent of patients. – The placebo phenomenon rather physical than psychological, says Yon-Kar ZUBIETA from University of Michigan. – There is no mysticism here: illusion provokes specific changes in the brain. The scientist fed volunteers “dummies”, assuring that it is a powerful painkiller. The pain really went away. How did you determine Zubiete when help scan the brain, neurons – nerve cells – in response to assurances of the effectiveness of the drug – began to develop endorphins. These natural narcotic substances extinguished the pain, blocking nerve endings. However, you can hardly explain cases of getting rid of real ailments. Cheating in good I tell two real stories. My aunt from Moscow doctors made a fatal diagnosis: “thyroid cancer.” Even deadline deaths were called: three months later. And blooming cheerful A 60-year-old woman turned into a shriveled goner in a week. A neighbor advised me to go to a healer who had long been taking patients. The medicine man cast spells over her and said that she completely healthy. Three months later, my relative appeared Doctors: Tumors As It Happened! Six years have passed since then. A I once attended sessions of a famous healer at The Philippines, who was doing operations without a scalpel, taking out tumors from the body with hands. Patients came to him from Russia, from which official medicine has already refused. From point of view The skeptic’s operation, of course, looked like a trick. Hands of a “surgeon” massaging the patient, suddenly stained with blood, and after a second some mucous viscera appeared in them, which quickly threw it into the garbage can. “I took the disease out of your body, “- declared the healer. However, later in the course of one private The investigation revealed that this healer was in fact focusing: imperceptibly from under the table on which the patient was lying, taking offal turkeys, chickens or cows. But here’s the paradox: out of ten of them, it’s hopeless patients with whom I went to the Philippines – with cancer of the stomach, throat, brain and which doctors were sentenced to death soon, six still live normally.

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