Secrets of Karelian lakes

Secrets of the Karelian lakesPhoto from open sources

Lakes for residents of Karelia are the same everyday thing as, let’s say blueberries in August. However, Karelian lakes are kept in their dark and calm waters are many secrets …

Ladoga lake

UFOs regularly appear above this pond. Not only in the waters the lakes saw a “relative” of the famous Scottish Nessie. Biologist Anatoly Shimansky who observed the appearance of this creature described it as follows.

The bay between the two capes was rippled, out of the water with the sound of steel jump out schools of fish, but a certain mass snaked over the water, which created big waves. At some point closer to the shore appeared huge head on a thick neck. The head made a hissing hissing sound and again went under water, the serpentine torso followed her. The length of the “miracle yuda” was approximately twenty meters, while it moved gracefully and swiftly …

Underwater monster annoys local fishermen when vomiting their networks. Surprisingly, people even saw the expression widely the eyes of the underwater monster set apart: they radiated anger and ferocity.


Over this lake many times seen gliding through the air mysterious “fireballs”. People also heard an unusual rumble, which accompanied the no less strange glow of the water itself.

Photo from open sources

When in 1908 the Tunguska meteorite fell in the Siberian taiga, Yanisyarvi plunged into a large ball of fire. The pond has a meteorite origin, which adds mystery to him. At the bottom of the lake by scientists two rocky lava islands were discovered.

It is believed that fireballs are just ordinary ball lightning. But why do they so “love” Yanisyarvi, and most importantly – why, colliding with physical bodies, do not explode, but simply appear and disappear in the air?

Photo from open sources


In December last year, the so-called “meteorite”. Local the fishermen did not see the fall itself, but observed its consequences – cracked ice. It is not known what rests at the bottom of Vygozer, but it is well known that the locals consider this pond difficult: they constantly see luminous balls above him, and also hear unusual sounds.


This is a mystery from riddles. The locals have legend that four centuries ago some kind of lake descended into the lake a mysterious pyramid, after which various unprecedented events. For example, once water left a lake somewhere, its level quickly and sharply dropped almost to the bottom. Then water came back in a giant wave and killed everyone who was in it time on the lake.

Photo from open sources

This happened in the 70s of the last century. A little earlier the water completely left the area of ​​Lake Lysaya Guba, while the fish stayed. Unfortunately, people did not have time to collect a generous “harvest”, so how water appeared again in the form of a wave, besides for some reason warm …

Water fish

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