Secrets of the Coral Castle

To this day, scientists are struggling to unravel the secrets of builders the pyramids. Despite the large number of hypotheses, no one succeeded find the exact answer to the question: how are the huge stone blocks they climbed to great heights without using any mechanisms and with high accuracy fit there, making up a pyramid?

However, what scientists failed was able to come from Latvia to Edward Leedskalnins, who had only four class rural school.

Leedskapninsh not only solved this centuries-old riddle, but also I was able to put the knowledge into practice. Completely alone, without assistants, without using any mechanisms, for twenty years (from 1920 to 1940) Edward erected his Coral Castle. Carefully guarding his discovery from prying eyes, he worked only at night. And after death left no records revealing the secret of construction.

Secrets of the Coral CastleA photo from open sources

The total weight of the castle, reminiscent of the dwelling of fairy-tale giants, is two times the weight of the Cheops pyramid. Today it’s grand a facility located in South Florida is unique a monument and on full grounds is considered one of the wonders of the world. we call it Coral Castle, and the creator himself gave him the name Park stone gate.

For some reason, amid the hype surrounding the stunning discovery who recalls that the castle is not just amazing a monument of architecture, but also a monument of love for a woman, love for a lifetime.


How did Edward come up with the idea of ​​creating a Coral Castle? According to one of the legends with which the name of Edward has grown Leedskalninsha, the impetus for this decision was love.

At the end of the XIX century, in August 1887, Latvia was born future builder of the castle. Information about his childhood and youth is not preserved. Therefore, for us, his story begins at a time when Edward was 26 years old. It was then that in his life arose deep and only love for a 16 year old girl named Agnes Scuffs.

The young people were engaged, and the matter went to the wedding. But not for long before the joyful event, Agnes broke the engagement, motivating it that the groom is too old and poor for her. The girl was firm in in her decision and is sure that the hereditary stonemason is not her couple. She later married a successful doctor and bore him three sons.

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Edward loved Agnes more than anything. The loss of a loved one was for him a real grief. Shocked to fall on him unhappily, he decided to leave his native places and leave as can be further from where everything reminded him of the recent tragedy. IN At that time, various amazing stories were told about America: as if it is a country of unlimited possibilities and the best place for the beginning of a new life. And Edward Leedskapnins went to America – not for a dream, but for a dream.

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At first he lived and worked in Canada, then moved to California, and from there to Texas. He had to work hard lumberjack, cattle driver. It was in those places that he became develop a progressive form of tuberculosis, so in 1920 Leedskalnins moved to the west coast of Florida, whose climate perfectly suited for his health.

There he acquired on his small savings 10 acres of land and began to erect a strange structure – a fairytale castle for his dear Agnes, embodying in stone the dream of a house and family, whom he never was.

The Tale of the Giants

Edward Leedskalninsh delivered stones for construction with the coast. Nobody still knows how he did this. count, there are only speculations and hypotheses. After all, the creator of Coral the castle was small in stature: only 152 cm with a weight of 45 kg, moreover he was not in good health. However, the total weight the structure is more than 1,100 tons and it is located on the area in 40 hectares.

The castle itself is surrounded by high walls made of blocks weighing 50 tons each, some of them reach 2.5 m in height, 1.5 m wide and more than 1 m thick. The blocks are laid without cement and fitted to each other, as in the Egyptian pyramids.

A photo from open sources

To get to the castle, you have to go through the giant the door, which is a stone 9-ton block. Door mounted on an iron rod passing through the hole, hollowed out over the entire length of the stone. Bottom and top are bearings, so it acts like a spinner.

Drill a hole in the stone such a length of 3 m and a diameter of 5 cm these days it is only possible with a laser. Door mechanism is so well balanced that it opens with a slight pressure on the edge. When the lower bearing fell into disrepair in 1986, it took a 50-ton crane and a dozen workers to replace.

It’s hard to call a coral castle a dwelling, as the roof there is only one room – in fact, Edward lived in it Leedskalnins until his last day. In the castle are huge stone figures of bizarre form, among which there are Saturn, Mars, a crescent moon weighing 30 tons, with a horn aimed at The polar star. An underground pool filled with rain was built water.

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Edward’s sundial still counts time. What else is in the castle? Two-story square tower weighing 243 t; open-air children’s room fairy tale characters; matrimonial bedroom with huge coral a bed and the same rocking chairs; room for mother Agnes and even a throne room with two monumental thrones. At the center of this the hall is a throne in the shape of a heart with a rose carved on stone. His called the world’s largest valentine.


So, the construction lasted 20 years. Edward diligently avoided any communication with neighbors and did not let them into his territory, for which he received the nickname Moody Ed. He always worked one and only under cover of night. The master mined multi-ton stones on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, processed them and installed on discretion. How he succeeded, still remains a secret.

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The tools he used for construction were the most ordinary: a chisel, pickaxe, spade, hammer. But their Edward didn’t buy, but he made from automobile parts, found in a landfill. Those who call themselves eyewitnesses told: supposedly in order to split the stone, Ed punched in a hole in it and put old automobile shock absorbers there, heated them, and then poured ice water, and in these places a stone cracked. But according to the laws of physics, red-hot iron at cooling decreases in volume, which means it will not be able to destroy a rock.

Once, construction began near the possessions of Ed two-story villa. And he decided to move the castle to another place – on 16 km south. The truck driver Ed hired to transport stone structures, told that at the time of loading and unloading the owner of the castle asked him to leave. Too annoying questions of the curious how he manages to move stones, master replied that he had solved the mystery of the builders of the pyramids.

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One of Ed’s neighbors assured her that he saw him touching the stone with his hands, made some strange sounds, similar to the song. And the neighborhood kids using a night vision device watched huge stone blocks that are easy moving through the air like balloons.

In total, for the construction of the castle, Edward mined, processed, transported and installed about 1,000 tons of stone blocks. No one knows how he is. did. There are many assumptions, but none of them has practical confirmation.

PHYSICS OR Witchcraft?

Ray Stoner, author of Coral Castle book, believes Edward found the key to the secrets of the builders of the pyramids and kept a secret antigravity. According to his theory, the Earth is covered by a huge power network of power lines and where they intersect, there is an accumulation of internal energy of the planet, allowing you to move objects in space and time.

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According to Stoner, Ed built his castle in such a place, which helped him overcome the force of gravity and force the stones levitate. And moving the castle to another place, the author of the book explains the mistakes of the master in the initial calculations.

There is another version that does not contradict the Stoner hypothesis. Some researchers believe that Edward Leedskalnins chose the site for the construction of the castle is the landing site of a UFO. On this thought induces an astronomical feature of castle structures. Maybe, for this reason the construction was carried out at night and was shrouded a veil of secrecy. Alien adherents suggest that from the castle could communicate with other worlds, and this the opportunity still exists.

The next version appeared when a strange one was found in the castle. the device, according to scientists, resembling a DC generator. It is a rather large and complex structure, consisting of many metal parts and 60 magnets, embedded in layers and poured with cement mortar. It remains only Guess the purpose of this device.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

From the fragmentary records of Ed preserved after his death, it can be seen that the inventor conducted several experiments, the results which contradict the laws of traditional physics. Edward was I’m sure that magnets have particles smaller than particles of light – photons, and their movement can create a magnetic a field holding together all cosmic matter.

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He believed that he had invented a magnetic current generator operating on ether energy, and even tried to patent the invention. But how connected electricity and moving huge boulders? Perhaps through wires coming from the generator, Edward s with the help of a certain wave he acted on the stones, after which blocks significantly lost weight and moved freely through the air.

While scientists are trying to unravel the mystery of Moody Ed, the castle tourists from all over the world visit it, experiencing incredible sensations there, which are akin to enlightenment or insight. Some after visiting the castle feel rejuvenated. There are cases when people showed the films shot there and found luminous on them balls that followed the castle visitors.


In the 1980s, tourists from Latvia, having visited the Coral the castle, brought a personal invitation to visit the castle for Agnes Scuff (which at that time was already 83 years old). However, abandoning Edward in his youth, Agnes did not want to hear about him and in old age.


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