Security Camera Recorded person from “nowhere”

The surveillance camera recorded the appearance of a man fromA photo from open sources

The teleportation, which is still described by ancient manuscripts, about which esotericists quite seriously say and whom they love so much use science fiction in their works, today even scientists don’t seems like a fabulous fiction.

There are many cases when people witnessed or even participants of instant travel over long distances, not to mention time travel or penetration of others worlds (and back from them to ours).

Modern surveillance cameras, numerous auto-recorders (in particular) constantly remove the appearance of people, machines as if out of nowhere. Unfortunately, not a single specific case, scientifically fixed, investigated and certainly with wide by the published results, it will not work to find on the Internet. It’s really not easy to do, because if it’s there is even a study (at least one), then we’ll hardly will see published in the media.

One of the most reliable case of teleportation considered the loss in 2017 of a sixty-year-old man from Cape Town Hospital in South Africa. The patient has just been brought to the ward, the nurse literally went away for a minute, like a man gone. Moreover, he could not escape, because he was too bad and without consciousness. The hospital management immediately organized a search missing patient, even connecting the police to this. But all to no avail. However, thirteen days later a man was found, rather, his already dead body was discovered – on the roof of the hospital. The most amazing thing is that this roof was also checked in search of missing, but then there was nothing here. All this is written down from words. Mark van der Heever – Representative Western Cape Provincial Ministry of Health (Cape peninsula of the southern limb of Africa).

A photo from open sources

Today we suggest you watch the next video in which the moment of appearance of a person in our reality is recorded “out of nowhere”, as if he had fallen from another dimension or moved from another country. Filmed in Japan, however, is not specified either place, not time, which caused a lot of fair complaints to this clip from the skeptics. Such videos appear periodically in Internet, and the attitude towards them is mostly negative. However not It’s possible that the author of the video just found it somewhere in the vast The World Wide Web was too lazy to clarify the data – and it happens.

There is nothing in the appearance of this man on the street. supernatural, many users write. Another thing worth pay attention to what kind of teleportation this is. If a man appeared from another point of the globe of our reality, then he behaves too unnaturally, that is, does not stop from surprise, but continues on as if nothing had happened. Also applies to time travel, in this case the person in general should stop in a stupor from what happened to him. It turns out: or is it a targeted movement (maybe even penetration into our world from parallel reality), or just a staged video.

By the way, many commentators notice, pay attention to that the surrounding people, that is, witnesses of this teleportation, in no way react to the appearance of a man from “nowhere.” They or don’t see him (only the camera sees), or is it still a fake …

And what do you think, is this fake or is it still real video? ..

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