Self-organizing swarms of miniature drones -new direction in robotics

One of the newest and most interesting developments in
Scientists call robotics today self-organizing swarms
miniature drones capable of performing many complex

This idea has long been in the air and did not give rest.
development scientists. And just recently, researchers of this topic
managed to simulate the behavior of such robots-packs, and then
create a group of “wild drones” capable of self-organization and
self-development on the basis of computer programs incorporated in them.

How do the journalists who are trying to highlight these secret
development of scientists, the greatest success in this direction have reached
Perdix specialists from the US Department of Defense, as well as a researcher
from the University of Budapest, Gabor Vasarhei.

The US military, of course, is right there, they are all classified, although
Journalists managed to get some information anyway. It turns out
Perdix employees have developed a fairly efficient algorithm,
connecting individual drones in a flock – a single organism that behaves
as well as, say, a swarm of bees, mowing fish and so on. And this
a single brain center (collective mind) is able to independently
make situational decisions.

But the Hungarian scientist does not hide anything, on the contrary, he immediately
laid out their work in the open Internet access. Algorithm,
created by the Hungarian, makes it easy to manage hundreds of drones when they are
speed of movement at 115 kilometers per hour – boggles the mind!
Imagine a demonstration of synchronous flight even thirty
drone is impressive, and here – a thousand “iron birds”,
subordinate to one mind!

The self-organizing swarm of miniature robots has already become a topic.
science fiction. Just remember the story
�”Invincible” Stanislav Lem or similar techniques in computer
games on fantastic themes. Some experts are already sounding the alarm
on this reed, since this step in robotics puts
humanity is on the brink of survival, happen so self-organized
flocks of “wild drones” go out of our control.

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