Self-swinging swings puzzled American

Self-swinging swings puzzled the AmericanA photo from open sources

The video below was received on April 11th. this year, American Amber Stevens, who wanted to leave a place incidents in secret.

A woman says she wanted to take her daughter that day Maru to play on the playground, but did not dare let the child out of the car. The fact is that our heroine suddenly noticed there something strange and suspicious that made her worry about the baby’s safety.

Two swings on an empty playground spontaneously moved. One would think that shortly before that someone with the force pushed them and ran away, but here’s the catch: they obviously didn’t lose momentum, continuing to sway for a long time with the same intensity. According to Amber, she got the impression that the swing was simply chosen by the invisible. Little Mara immediately stated that ghosts would probably have fun there.

Be that as it may, the Stevens movie I got the other day popularity, scattered across many English-language sites, dedicated to inexplicable and mystical phenomena. Quite a few netizens thought it was really about something supernatural.

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