Serpentine stone – value and properties, photo

The serpentine amulet is a powerful protective amulet that symbolizes the duality of the world, since a snake obeying the god Veles can simultaneously represent both danger and protection.

Its name is directly related to its appearance – on one side of a flat medallion or coin, an image of six or twelve snakes is applied, symbolizing the dark side, and on the other, a light symbol, the face of heroes, a holy Christian martyr or a pagan God.

Amulet serpentine

Amulet meaning

The serpentine amulet has many meanings:

  • symbolizes power and reliability;
  • makes the land more fertile;
  • protects the house and its inhabitants from the evil eye, intruders and negative energy;
  • ensures success in all endeavors;
  • endows the owner with courage and helps to reveal magical abilities.

Who is suitable for the amulet

Most of all, the amulet in question is suitable for people born in the year of the Snake, since they are characterized by excessive emotionality and sensitivity. The serpentine amulet worn on the body allows:

  • balance strongly pronounced character traits with weaker ones;
  • increase sexuality and meet a soul mate;
  • protect your master from accidents and ill-wishers;
  • fill the owner with positive energy and teach how to restrain uncontrollable emotional outbursts.

Also, the serpentine will be a wonderful amulet:

  • representatives of the fire elements – Leo, Sagittarius or Aries;
  • guys during puberty – helps to strengthen fortitude;
  • fortunetellers and people involved in practical magic;
  • men defending their homeland;
  • for the fairer sex – will help strengthen family relationships and achieve success in the working field.

Over time, the talisman attracts luck and good fortune to its owner – at work, rapid career growth is possible, and, as a result, a significant increase in wages.

Expert opinion Ilmira Derbentseva Parapsychologist The most popular amulets made of gold or silver. If you wish, you can decorate the coil with precious stones or serpentine.

The serpentine amulet is suitable for strong personalities who can accept the powerful energy of the amulet and not break under its influence. Weak-tempered people who have fallen under the influence of the dark side of the amulet may deteriorate their health or develop psychological problems.

Activation of the amulet

When purchasing a ready-made amulet, it is important to clear it of extraneous energy before activating it. To do this, the symbol lies in direct sunlight for the whole day or under the moonlight on a full moon.

To charge the sign with its energy, it is placed in salt water for the whole night, and in the morning it must be left for several hours under running water. For final cleaning with the amulet, you need to hold it over the fire three times.

To activate and fill the amulet with your energy, you should, being alone, sincerely ask Veles or the Almighty to give the serpentine power, mentally explain why you need it.

To start wearing such a talisman, you need a short period – no more than 2-5 hours a day. If you do not feel any discomfort, you can switch to regular use. If wearing a purchased symbol has led to a deterioration in general well-being or a series of life troubles, give up this thing, because in the future it can cause significant harm to you.

It is recommended to hide the coil in a purse, purse, under clothes or in a pocket, hiding it from prying eyes. You can wear a charm in the form of a bracelet with a snake image.

Making an amulet with your own hands

The serpentine amulet can be easily made by yourself – for this you need to carve the symbolism on a clay, wooden or stone blank. It is recommended to wear the pendant on a metal chain or leather cord.

When creating a talisman with your own hands, it is recommended to give preference to wood – this material draws strength simultaneously from the sun and the bowels of the earth. Careful and careful handling of the base under the amulet during creation will significantly extend the useful life of the guard sign. After applying the selected symbolism, it is recommended to varnish the amulet on top.

Expert opinion Ilmira Derbentsev Parapsychologist Before starting work, you need to study in detail each element that can be applied to the coil. Confusing symbols can cause the amulet to have a negative impact on your life.

A similar Slavic amulet, properly made and activated, will protect the owner from various troubles. It is important to remember – you cannot give your amulet to other people, as well as give the coil to friends or family members – this way, you give them your own protection and good luck.

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