Serve a homeland that has long been gone

Serve the homeland, which has long been goneA photo from open sources

In 1924, the pages of many European newspapers circled a small a note about a Russian soldier who is seven years after The Russian Empire ceased to exist, found in fortress Osovets Poles.

In 1915, the fortress was blown up by sappers during the retreat Russian troops. Underground warehouses with uniforms and food, where, for some ridiculous chance, remained sentry soldier, covered with earth. When the Poles (after nine years) dug up the basement and went down into it, they were stopped by a shout – wait, who is coming? At the same time, the stranger from the darkness didn’t want to give up, convincing those who came that he can only be removed from this post a sovereign who is bred or already. Poles hardly convinced Russian soldier, that the fatherland, which he served, has long been gone, and the Russian tsar was shot by representatives of the new government.

The valiant sentry survived due to the fact that on his guard there were a lot of stewed meat and condensed milk in the warehouses; by the dark too got used to it. It’s a pity no one knew then that daylight may hurt his eyes. And the soldier, having set free, immediately went blind. He, of course, was immediately sent to the hospital. But as often happening in our world, the further fate of a devoted Russian soldier is not known.

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