Shaitankol – Devil’s Lake

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By the way, we note that the mysterious lakes, nicknamed by the people damn or shaitan-ponds, a lot on Earth, but some of They are distinguished by special sinister properties. These include Shaitankol – Devil’s Lake of the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan. TO only the most courageous and reckless researchers are sent to him and tourists. I made a similar trip to Shaitan Lake not so long ago. group of extremals from Astana led by Yersain Shygaev.


Newspapers wrote about the mysterious Shaitankol Lake at the end. nineteenth – early twentieth centuries. Since in his all devilry happened and people disappeared, in 1905 year, it was decided to consecrate the reservoir, and then rename it Holy However, it was not so easy to do this. During a prayer suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a terrible whirlwind flew down gathered for prayer people with their feet. However, once a prayer ceased, calmed down and the hurricane. It was not possible at that time to illuminate Damn lake …

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There is still a legend according to which once on the shore of the mysterious reservoir the famous Kazakh hero Er spent the night Targyn. At night he was awakened by a naked girl of unprecedented beauty, and lured into the lake. In the pond itself, a beautiful stranger suddenly turned into a terrible old woman who clawed her claws into a young man and dragged him deep. However, the hero coped with the witch, broke fist her head, got ashore and threw the dead body of an old woman back into the water, after which she immediately came to life and began to threaten Yer Targynu.

But this is a hero! And ordinary people both disappeared and continue disappear without a trace in the vicinity of the damned reservoir.

Lake without bottom

There is still a legend that Lake Shaitankol has no bottom. This is exactly the first thing they decided to check the extremals of the group Ersain Shygaev. Sailing in an inflatable boat in the middle of the pond, they began to lower the load on a rope three hundred meters long. Homemade the lot completely went under water, and never reached the bottom.

After that, young people remembered that the locals they were warned – swimming in Devil’s Lake is impossible, it’s bottomless, and the waters in it are dark and dangerous. Dumbfounded by the bottomless pond, hastily pulling the cargo out of the water, extreme people nevertheless did not calmed down on this. Ersain Shygaev, as an experienced driver, captured scuba gear, and therefore sank under the water. Water, he recalls, in the lake was crystal clear, the bottom is very beautiful and welcoming, however on in the middle of the pond there was a terrible abyss over which the driver did not dare to swim.

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Stopping at the edge of the cliff, Yersain peered for a while into the abyss, when I suddenly saw the back of a huge monster, or a whale, then Is there any other monster that only flashed for a moment and again disappeared into the darkness. In fear, the extreme jerked the rope, i.e. He signaled to the guys on the boat to urgently raise him. And at that time for no reason, oxygen stopped coming from cylinders. Fortunately, the place was shallow, and the guys pulled their head healthy and unharmed, however, with a gray strand on to the head. Already ashore checking all the equipment, Shygaev did not find in there are no flaws – oxygen flowed normally …

Horrible night

Such a mysterious and terrible was the last night on shore of the Devil’s Lake. Yersain woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling that someone is near his tent. He soon caught that outside this is someone breathing heavily and stepping over. Courageous and a healthy extremal man was so terrified that he even vaguely remembers how he hurriedly jumped out of the tent and rushed where eyes are looking. And around was a thick, completely unnatural fog. Once at the edge of the forest, the team leader calmed down a bit and here, to his surprise, he found his comrades trembling.

As they said, they were awakened by a strange noise coming outside. Peering out, the guys saw that their leader’s tent a strange process stretches, black and clearly alive, very similar to a snake, he just hung in the air and snaked as if from nowhere. Not conspiring, the friends rushed out of the tent, not realizing where and why run. And so they were at the edge …

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Already in Astana, the group of Yersain Shygaev processed everything obtained expedition data, then invited experts on paranormal phenomena, for example, Adu Ermolin, which is member of the Union of Russian magicians. According to the psychic, the wormhole or the funnel that the guys found in the middle of the lake Shaitankol is most likely the gateway to a parallel world, from where anyone can enter here to us. Moscow psychics Kazakh extremals advised not to arrange such experiments, so as not to expose yourself to mortal risk. That this time they got off with a slight fright, just a rare happiness. IN next time it may not be …

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