Shaolin monk is not only a sword, but also a drill not beret

The Shaolin monk not only the sword, but also does not take a drillA photo from open sources

We have known about the amazing abilities of Shaolin monks for a long time, but it’s one thing to read, for example, as a teacher (old monk, guru) easily carries an egg on a spoon in his mouth through a system of students who they try to knock down an egg and cannot do it, as they do not try, and another is to see a modern video where a young man demonstrates the truly inhuman capabilities of his organism.

Twenty-four-year-old monk of the Shaolin Monastery demonstrated in the Chinese town of Mianzhu (Sichuan) truly fantastic abilities – what is capable of the human body in a certain condition (like these monks achieving this state is another matter). He let drill your head with a modern drill that can be easily even metal, “pierced” his chest with a sharp lance, “cut” his throat with a sword (dragging a car on his sharp blade) – and nothing to him was done. Absolutely nothing!

Connoisseurs explain it this way: our body, like everything in this world, consists of energy, therefore, if you learn to manage it, then the body becomes practically invulnerable to any physical influences. But this is a theory, true or not, but just a theory. And when is it see firsthand, there is a feeling – a miracle. A real miracle!

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