Shaolin monks continue to amaze the world

Shaolin monks continue to amaze the worldPhotos from open sources of

Shi Liliang (Shi Liliang) – a monk of the world famous temple Shaolin set a new record in running on water, having managed this time cover a distance of one hundred twenty-five meters.

True, Shi Liliang did not repeat the divine art of Jesus Christ who could walk on water. Shaolin monk moved on plywood boards that were laid on the surface of the pond in a treadmill, however, according to experts, here great skill is the ability to maintain balance that for a mere mortal is almost unthinkable.

Liliang skillfully combined running speed and balance, thanks to which he could cover such a great distance. Note it’s five meters more than last year’s result.

By the way, a Shaolin monk began such exercises six years ago. and in the first year managed to overcome eighteen meters, a year later the result was already twenty-eight meters. And every year he sets a new record, becoming an unsurpassed master in this in the form of competitions or in this technique, which is called here “flight above the water”.

Shaolin monks are generally some kind of miracle, most recently we talked about another young ascetic of this temple, who demonstrated fantastic ability to withstand with his body cutting, piercing and even boring objects. He, for example, could drag a passenger car with a sharp sword that points the blade rested against his throat, withstood the drilling of a powerful head electric drill and much more.

However, what the young Shaolin monks demonstrate almost nothing with the opportunities that teachers have of this temple, perfectly mastering their body and spirit, and therefore able to read the mind of the enemy, be invulnerable to anyone weapons, levitate and more. True, these superpowers never on display. Perhaps Shi Liliang in his time will reach such perfection that it can even walk on water, but we’ll hardly see it …

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