Shine and no nails

Shine, and no nailsA photo from open sources

Bioluminescent lagoons are a wonder of the world. Physical nature The processes occurring in such reservoirs are more than understandable. Not less, such places constantly attract lovers of the beautiful and mysterious. One of these lagoons is located in Puerto Rico. At night, the water in the lagoon glows under the influence of activity microorganisms. Tourists pay big money to swim in kayaking in pitch darkness painting a paddle on the water scenic pictures. But then the glow began to fade, and the annoyed tourists pack the suitcases. Tour operators who lured people to admire the miracle, forced to return money to them. Secretary of the Department of Natural Country Resources Carmen Guerrero said: “Now we are collecting data to figure out what’s the matter. There may be several reasons: increased runoff from the coast to the lagoon due to heavy rains, coastal construction, clearing mangroves for shipping support. “Mayor of the nearby town of Anibal Melendez explained: “The lagoon has not been lit for eight days. We have never seen nothing like that. “Professor of Biology, University of Puerto Rico Miguel Sastre has been studying bioluminescent for many years lagoons. He believes that the lagoon should be preserved for posterity, and start with the construction of a wastewater treatment plant.

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