Siamese twins in India have become new deity

Siamese twins in India have become a new deityA photo from open sources

Siamese twins Sivanath and Sivram Sahu called forth the real commotion when born in India. Some villagers even began to worship them, taking for the embodiment of a celestial. When doctors said 12-year-old brothers born connected to waist, can be separated, the family refused, saying they want to leave everything as it is. Photo from open sources Brothers born in a small village near the city of Raipur in central India, have two legs and four hands. They stunned doctors with the ability to wash, dress and to eat. When the boys were born, a local doctor told the family that both children are healthy, but he cannot separate them. The twins have one a stomach for two, but they have independent lungs and hearts. Photos from open sources Thanks to daily training, Sivanath and Sivram learned to do all the basic daily procedures with minimal effort, including taking a shower, eat, dress and comb each other’s hair. They are capable go down the stairs of your house and even use everything six limbs for cricket and other games with neighbors children. Sivanath open source photo that seems weaker of the two twins, said: “We learned everything. We are going to school on cycling and playing cricket. “They also study well and are considered some of the best students in their school to the pride of their caring father of Raji Kumar. A man who also has five daughters is very protects his sons and says that he will not allow them to leave native village. “Many people look at my children with interest, but only I understand all the problems that they have to collide. During the rainy season, it becomes difficult for them to walk, and when one wants to sit, the other must lie down, “he said. Photo from open sources Father says he will not allow doctors divide the brothers, even if the operation is done for free and can guarantee the viability of both. “God created them like that and they should remain like that, “quoted Mail Online as saying. Alexey Slobodyan


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