Siberian miracle of an imperishable body

The Siberian miracle of an imperishable bodyA photo from open sources

The Hambo Lama XII (in the world of Dasha-Dorzho Itigilov) gathered his students to tell them that he’s going to die, and also requested to look at his body after 30 years. After this guru sat in a lotus position, began to meditate, and soon died. Followers, following the teacher’s request, his remains were exhumed at the Huche-Zurchen cemetery and found the body of a llama in the lotus position – without any signs of decomposition. Lama smog defeat the forces of nature. “It was impossible to return the body to the temple then,” – tells XXV Pandito Khambo Lama Damba Ayusheev. therefore Buddhists secretly reburied Itigilov’s body, filling the wooden the coffin with salt. After almost half a century, I became interested in this story. the young llama Bimba Dorzhiev. He spotted 80-year-old Amgalan Dabaev, whose father was present at the opening of the coffin. Dabalaev I personally saw Itigilov and agreed to show Dorzhiev the grave. eleven September 75 years after the death of Itigilov, the body of the llama (in the presence of a dozen witnesses, two judicial experts medicine and photographer) once again removed from the ground. Priests who opened the coffin, first put on surgical masks, but they were redundant. The body of the Pandito Hambo Lama is beautiful preserved. There is a gold shirt on Itigilov, a blue one on his knees tape, – the authors of the material in the New York Times say. – eyes closed, features blurred, but the shape of the face and nose is very good preserved. Nails are trimmed neatly, hands are not stiff. Leather a little roughened, but still quite soft. On the head – short haircut. The remains were delivered to the datsan of Ivolginsk, located 35 km. from the capital of Buryatia – Ulan-Ude. Here them solemnly – to the sound of bells and chants – transferred to second floor of one of the four temples of the monastery. Hambo Lama Ayusheev until he decided what to do with Itigilov’s body. Many people think that the body will remain in the temple to attract more believers. Expert of the Moscow Center for Biomedical Technologies Vladislav Kozeltsev, who is responsible for the safety of Lenin’s body in mausoleum, said that salt could slow down the decomposition process, but salt alone is clearly not enough. Other factors: soil and material, of which the coffin is made. However, most likely in the body Itigilova disrupted the gene, which accelerates the decay process cell structure after death. Cannot be ruled out either the possibility that the body was secretly embalmed, the expert added. Buddhists claim that the body was preserved because Itigilov managed to achieve a very high level of existence through Shunyata meditations – which means emptiness. Twelfth Hambo Lama was born in 1852. Buddhist chronicles say that he became an orphan early. At the age of 16, Itigilov went to study in religious school. In 1911, he became one of nine candidates for post of the Hambo Lama. The Irkutsk governor approved his candidacy. IN Unlike Tibest lamas, who hold their posts for life, Buryat Pandito Hambo Lamas are elected by other Lamas on relatively short period. Hambo Lama Itigilov constantly strengthened the faith of local Buddhists, especially Buryats, descendants of nomadic Mongols living in this region for more than 30 centuries. He published religious treatises, united disparate religious factions. Most Russian Buddhists – there are about a million of them – profess Tibetan yellow Buddhism. Horse spiritual leader of this direction – The Dalai Lama.


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