Silent Hill really exists! it Centralia, USA

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In 2006, director Christoph Gahn made the film “Silent Hill”. The picture takes place in a mining town, under which the depths of the earth endlessly burn fire. Dead city in the air whose ashes fly, covering everything around. This city is not fiction director. He exists. This is Centralia, state Pennsylvania, USA / Thriving City City originated in 1866. The basis of his wealth were coal mines. Volumes of anthracite mined grew, and the city grew. In the heyday of there were 7 churches, 2 theaters, 27 saloons, a post office, a bank, 14 shops. 2 railway lines passed through Centralia. The population exceeded 2,000, and another 500 lived in the vicinity. According to experts of the company coal reserves in the bowels of Centralia It should have been enough for 600-1,000 years of production. The city was predicted prosperity and prosperity. However, the city was not a peaceful place. The Curse of a Priest Members Found in Centralia Molly Maguyers Irish Secret Miners’ Society. This “underground trade union” did not shy away from applying in their activities not completely legal methods, including arson, abduction and murder. IN In 1869, the founder of the city, Alexander Ria, was killed in Centralia. a local church priest who denounced members of Molly in their Sunday sermons. Coming after beating in the church, father McDermott, looking at his tormentors, said: “This city is for its sins burn in hellfire! “After almost a century, the curse it happened. What negligence leads to Photos from open sources

Residents of Centralia did not burden themselves with the problem of disposal household waste. The city dump was one of the abandoned pits. From time to time, firefighters came, set fire to debris, and when he burned out, extinguished the flame, and so on until the next time. In May 1962 firefighters cheated and did not extinguish the flame completely. Smoldering fire spread to a coal vein passing right under the city. The coal seam flashed like a match. Attempts have been made extinguish the underground fire, but they did not bring success. Fire continued to burn in the 60s and 70s. To the hospital more and more patients began to arrive whose doctors were surprised found carbon monoxide poisoning. Until the end of the 70s power managed to avoid unnecessary publicity. And underground fire is everything continued to flare up. Fire! Photos from open sources

In 1979, the owner of a local gas station, measuring the level of fuel in one of its underground tanks, drew attention, that the probe removed is incomprehensibly hot. He measured the temperature of the fuel in storage and horrified: 78 degrees! It turned out that the city lives on smoldering powder keg. City authorities were forced to admit the presence of danger. Photos from open sources

In 1981, a cleft opened right under the feet of a 12-year-old Todd Domboski. A column of hot steam tumbled out of an opening crack mixed with gases. The boy miraculously survived – his brother saved him. Witnesses of the incident were several people. The story went public the city attracted the attention of state authorities; in Centralia there was special commission sent. Sentenced City Report the commission was disappointing: to eliminate the underground fire required a fabulous amount – $ 500 million. In state treasury there was no such money, the fate of Centralia was decided. The city was decided to evacuate. In 1984, Congress allocated 42 million. dollars to organize the resettlement of residents. The city began to empty. Photos from open sources

In 2002, the city of Centralia officially ceased to exist: he was removed from the state registry, disappeared from the map of the country, The United States Postal Service canceled its zip code 17927. Federal Highway 61 passing through the city was closed and laid again to detour. Day Today Silent Hill Fans often visit the city. At the entrance of tourists meets a poster, warning that a visit to Centralia is life threatening. IN the city is very unstable soil, here and there suddenly formed failures at the bottom of which a thousand-degree heat. No attempts authorities do not take out the fire. Experts say that coal under the city is enough for 250 years of burning. In Centralia live 7 people, among them a former mayor and several devotees to his native city ​​residents, flatly avoiding communication. On their houses signs “Do not give an interview.” Ashes fly over the city. Of the many cracks rising smoke saturated with toxic gases, tearing apart throat. And on a hill on the outskirts there is a church, within the walls of which Father McDermott once cursed the city.

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