Silver disc shot over the capital of Armenia – Yerevan

Silver disc shot over the capital of Armenia - YerevanA photo from open sources

Famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring on his website shared quite interesting material with his subscribers on which photographer Jotuber, usually shooting landscapes, accidentally snatched in the sky above Yerevan a disk-shaped UFO flying at an angle to the surface of the earth.

A photo from open sources

This prompted Scott to suggest that the video captured the United States Air Force military facility that have base on the Black Sea (supposedly from there this thing took off, finding itself over Armenia – Yerevan is only 80 kilometers from the Black Sea coast). This belief is based on the fact that once Bob Lazar, an ex-employee of the US secret base “Zone 51”, talked about drives of aliens that never fly flat like earthly planes, but certainly with a bias, which was taken into account by American military when designing such devices based on alien technology.

Scott, of course, admits that these could be aliens UFOs, but leaning toward US military maneuvers. Not all with him Internet users agree, and for this reason: Pentagon, be at his disposal at least something approximately like, would certainly wipe the nose with these devices of Russia, demonstrating them, for example, in Syria, where the United States just suffered defeat due to imperfection of its air force before the Russian air defense systems.

Russia Scott Waring USA

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