Similar scenarios for strange disappearances people

Similar scenarios for strange disappearancesPhoto from open sources

David Paulides, who has been an employee for over twenty years law enforcement, studied cases of unexplained loss people on the North American continent and found out weird patterns. Whereas local authorities investigate every case in separately, Paulides made a single picture, which turned out very mysterious.

The scripts are actually weird and inexplicable

David collected two thousand cases with identical mystical the details. As he himself said on May 21 this year at the University Toronto, it was like a plot from the famous Secret materials. ”

Disappearances occurred most often in parks, near water bodies. At those who were found alive after that, there were failures in memory, and if they found the dead, the cause of their death was determined hard. Sometimes missing persons were found in such places, getting to which on foot is impossible, or in an already thoroughly searched terrain. For example, the body of one little boy was found on the trunk of a tree that once fell and lay next to the path, examined several times already. It is also interesting that on many people lacked shoes and some clothing.

Paulides says that in such cases the dogs failed to take a trace of a disappeared person. Some bloodhounds generally behaved strange: looped, walked in circles, and then sat down and began to howl. The police also did not find any signs of crime. It is characteristic that disappearances occurred in places where there are no dangerous for human wild animals. Common is that found bodies had no physical damage. And the companions of the unfortunate almost always said that before the incident for some reason (inexplicably and mysteriously) shared with them …

Mysterious disappearances of children

Paulides began to study similar cases in 2009, having left for retired from the San Jose Police. Two park rangers told him then, what some cases of disappearance of people consider worthy of further investigation.

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Paulides has extended his research area to those areas cities where similar cases have occurred, including earlier (in twentieth and even nineteenth century). He told the facts when out in one place, a person incredibly moved completely in another. This is especially impressive when it comes to young children, who simply cannot travel long distances. So, in July 1957 in the Twin Lakes area near the Sierra Nevada Range disappeared a two year old boy named David Allen Scott. Watched as a child, father only absented himself for a minute to look into the van, but coming out, did not see Allen. Search team discovered boy only three days later. To do this, she had to overcome neighboring mountain, and then climb another mountain peak. It is clear that a small child is not able to go this way alone.

Kate Parkins, another two year old boy, disappeared in April 1952 years near my own home in Ritter after I ran for barn. He was found in 19 hours at a distance of 24 kilometers from at home. Kate lay face down on the surface of an ice-covered pond and was still alive.

Other mysterious disappearances

Paulides says bodies of missing people are often found in water, however, these cases are not like drowning. Many he studied accidents relate to the Great Lakes (which so love UFO) and city canals or ponds.

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Here’s what, for example, happened in the city of Anoka, Minnesota. 24-year-old Jelani Brison, a student and soccer player, was found in a pond, in the golf course. The last time the young man was seen alive and unscathed in the house of his friends. Brison’s cap was later found in one the yard is not far from the field, and his shoes are in another. Last days stood out rainy and the golf course was covered in mud and the deceased’s socks were clean. It turns out that Brison did not come here, but was brought by someone and thrown into a pond. Cause of death could not be established, but drowning is ruled out. And this is just one of many similar cases that occurred in the area.

David Paulides has written a number of books, including Missing lead: strange coincidences. “The author talks about disappearances in the area of ​​urban water bodies of young men. Most cases occurred in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Their scenario is almost the same: guys drink with friends in a bar, and subsequently no one can remember how and when they gone. After a few days, the bodies of young people are found in water. Everything seems to be logical: the cause of their death is alcohol intoxication. However, according to Paulides, everything is not so simple. Often human considered disappeared for several days, and the pathologist claims that the body was in the water for one or two days, or even just a few hours. This often happens in forest areas and parks. Similar incidents are characteristic not only of North America, but also of other regions of the world, although in detail foreign cases of Paulides are not considered.

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Recently, the case of corpses in Manchester Canal (UK). English newspapers reported that over the past few years, dozens have been discovered in this channel dead, mostly male, tel. According to reporters, this is work serial killer, who was even given the nickname – Dropper. However, Paulides is unclear: how in such a shallow canal could drown so many healthy men without any signs of violence on the body? ..

Some explanations for mysterious disappearances

Many attribute such disappearances to supernatural reasons, for example, kidnapping by a snowman or space aliens. Last, as ufologists say, more probably since the bodies of the victims almost never have traces violence.

A photo from open sources

As for Paulides himself, he is restrained and states that he never built any hypotheses, but simply described facts. Of course, for individual incidents you can choose rational explanation. However, when it comes to hundreds of similar cases, the perspective changes, there is a feeling of something mystical … The easiest, of course, to blame everything on aliens, but then there are many new and also very difficult questions …


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