Simultaneous life in two parallel worlds

Simultaneous life in two parallel worldsPhoto from open sources

There are no miracles on our planet, so say that modern science has known and studied everything, there will be at least naive. Even Orthodox scholars themselves understand this, though they for some reason they are sure that there are not so many secrets left on Earth and they almost all are subject to modern science.

Is that so? Suffice it to say that not truly understood even all the peoples of our world, for example, in New Guinea, have a unique tribe of oolugs. It’s unique not only to those that lives completely isolated from the modern civilized society, and its ability to exist in two parallel worlds – in ours and another, which is for oolugov is the scene of an ongoing battle for its existence.

All members of this tribe paint their bodies. natural paint in two colors – black and white. White color they symbolize our world, which they call the Country of the Day (Sveta). Black color symbolizes a completely different world – Country Shadows, where, according to the oolugs, everything is not the same as here on Earth. There is no sun, and the world is immersed in the constant darkness in which it lives many monsters adapted to such a dark life.

A photo from open sources

You can easily move around in the Land of Shadows with huge leaps, about fifteen meters away, which allows Ooolugs flee from many terrible monsters of that world. There, for example, live ants the size of a wild boar, winged great apes and many other incredible animals, which, without exception, are dangerous for a person of the Country of the Day.

A parallel world can be just awful

In the Land of Light oolugs live a quiet and measured life of the Papuans New Guinea, but in the Land of Shadows they have to constantly fight both with dangerous animals and with the local population, something similar to Neanderthals (according to descriptions of the oolugs).

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Papuans get into the Land of Shadows completely involuntarily, sometimes this can happen several times a day. In this case, the person suddenly freezes, and his eyes go glassy. Being in such a trance the oolug may suddenly become covered with wounds, bruises, or even fall to the ground dead. The Papuans themselves explain such strange transformations by the fact that a person at this time in the Land of Shadows receives wounds and injuries, or, in the worst case, is even killed either eaten by terrible animals, of which the great in the world a bunch of.

By the way, modern scientists carefully examined the wounds of the dead, stating that they could have been inflicted by some kind of “unearthly” weapons, as well as teeth and claws completely unknown to science animals. The most amazing thing is that the Papuans sometimes “drag” in our world is a weapon or something else from the Land of Shadows. All this also has been thoroughly studied in modern laboratories. Conclusion scientists are unequivocal – all these things are of alien origin.

A photo from open sources

It turns out that the Papuans of New Guinea can “walk” in parallel world, and absolutely free, that is, without any binding to the so-called wormhole, supposedly connecting such parallel realities (the opinion of some scientists). That’s just another world for them was so creepy that you do not wish it and to your enemy. Moreover, the worst thing in this case lies in the fact that members of the tribe do not get there on their own will, and even quite often. An interesting fact is that “wake up” the oolug when he is in a trance, that is, return to our world is by force, impossible – he can do it only by himself. However, as the Papuans say, “wake up”, escape from the Land of Shadows in their own way will is also impossible, it happens somehow by itself.

We add that some researchers who throughout For a long time they lived together with the tribe of Oulugs, in every possible way tried to fall into a trance and go to the Land of Shadows, believing that such movement depends on the uniqueness of the area, however, they did not succeed. This is given only to the oolugs, and this their strange ability to go into a parallel world is transmitted from generation to generation …

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