Sisters became brothers

35 years, Masha and Dasha tried to come to terms with the female body, which nature has given them. Could not rumor of twin sisters, changed passports for men and tried to register in the draft board, instantly flew around the Oryol region. We managed to find former sisters, and now brothers, and persuade them to an interview. Sisters became brothersPhoto from open source bows and dolls girls hated with childhood -Mom, when will we become boys? – pulled for dressing gown to Elena Gvozdikova (the names of all the heroes have been changed. – A.V., E.S.) twin daughters. – Never. You are girls! – upset Masha and Dasha mother. But the four-year-old girls were sure: the day would come, and they will turn into real men. It really happened. At 35 years old sisters decided on gender correction. Numerous examinations confirmed: due to a genetic malfunction in the womb, the twin brain formed by the male type, and the body by the female. And today it’s hard to believe that these brutal men were once the girls. Hormones have done their job: rude voices, plentiful vegetation on the face and hands, gestures, postures – nothing betrays them female beginning. Have a baby – everything will pass Large family in a small town in the Oryol region: mother – teacher, father – military, three brothers. The quirks of Masha, who admitted that Feels like a boy, no one understood: – I’m running home from school. Scythe, sarafan. At the old woman’s house, one yells to me: “What pretty little girl! “- and I told her:” Granny, what a girl I am, I boy … “For such frankness, the older brothers and father could and slap the slap in the face. Mother only said: – You will grow up Mashenka, give birth to children, and everything will pass! At school, the girl was an outcast. Outlet became the athletics section. – Since childhood, I hated my feminine body. Sport helped keep him fit, but that was not enough. I I couldn’t understand what’s wrong with me, Masha says. ABOUT transsexualism did not know then. It seemed to the poor girl – she is crazy. Having entered the institute and having divorced from parents, Maria shortly cut her hated hair and began to wear a man’s clothes. However, in the last year there was a guy who admitted Masha in her feelings. She told him the truth about herself, but that’s not stopped the lover. And then the girl remembered the words of her mother. Through several months young began to live together, after three years played a wedding. The mom of the twins shone with happiness: it seemed Now her girl will become a real woman. But Masha was unhappy: – I was shaking from self-hatred. I understood that I’m making a mistake, but I thought, suddenly, marriage will change everything. A photo from open sources Matured, sisters began to hide alien their bodies under baggy clothes After the birth of Masha’s firstborn depression began, she repeatedly tried to commit suicide. However, then she already knew what transsexualism was, and for hours I sat at the computer, studying the intricacies of the sex-change procedure. I decided to get a divorce, but here is the second pregnancy. – I seemed to everyone perfect wife and mother, but really was on the verge. Through eight months after the birth of a daughter, he decided and with his sister went to Moscow, says Masha. Doctors have confirmed: the twins are not crazy. Sex change in this case is the only exit. Masha filed for divorce: – I already took hormones and then not at all like a woman. The registry office giggled but me it didn’t bother anymore. Now our hero who officially changed sex and took a man’s name, lives separately from his ex-husband and children. But takes an active part in raising a seven-year-old son and three year old daughter. “I have no regrets about this experience of mine.” I understand how difficult it is to be a woman, what it is to pull life and children. I’ll certainly protect my beloved from cares, ”says the former Masha. Commissioner Katani in a skirt Unlike her sister, Dasha was silent about their experiences. I felt free only in the yard, reputed thunderstorm area. They tried to beat the tomboy girl more than once the boys. There it was! – I remember, I have a fight, I’m in dress. Though cry. But he restrained – not a boy’s tears лить – и навалял соседу, – вспоминает Даша.. A photo from open sources Now the twins live in harmony with themselves … School Dasha, like her sister, was a burden. Enraged conversations classmates about princesses and ladies. Dasha herself at the age of seven dreamed of being similar to d’Artagnan or Commissioner Katani. Father’s epaulettes I sewed to my t-shirts and drove around the apartment with toys machine guns of brothers. For the first time I felt myself “at ease” in the summer camp. The smart girl was entrusted with the male role in the play: – I they said: “You played great,” and I thought, stupid, I’m boy! Mom told her daughters how great it is to be a girl. The rebel Masha did not want to listen. Dasha loved her mother so much that wanting to offend her, she decided to put up with the fate of being a woman. Right away after school, the girl got a job at a garment factory. From men to there was no beauty. Dasha tried to find her happiness. Not it turned out – For men, after several dates, I became my on the board, sidekick! And with women … As it came down to the matter, he could not overpower yourself. I could not be a lesbian. Rub your chest against your chest it was unpleasant, unacceptable, ”Dasha explains. The result is loneliness and endless depression. After several suicide attempts, Dasha I thought about the child: – There were no problems finding a partner, chose one of the suitors. Like her sister, motherhood did not help. Dasha dreamed of becoming a man, but could not decide: – What say mother, son, neighbors? Driven to despair, tried to drown problems in alcohol. Until I once noticed the changes that occurred with sister after taking hormones. Point in doubt diagnosed with true transsexualism. Фотоfrom open sources … and they have purely male fun Now, after the operation to remove the breast, that beauty in our hero it’s simply impossible to make out. Even a ten year old son now calls his father: – Most of all worried about my boy. It turned out in vain. He accepted the external changes, because I love him as earlier. They understood the daughters who became sons, their parents. First mother, and then father, declared that they loved them, no matter who they were. COMMENTS BY SPECIALISTS Olga MANINA, Head Department of the Social Policy Committee of the Oryol city administration: – Parents may be held liable for inappropriate fulfillment of responsibilities for maintenance, upbringing or training their children, for example for abuse, abuse parental rights, alcohol or drug addiction. Sex change is not a reason to attract a parent to liability or deprivation of parental rights. Alexander ZVEZDIN, psychiatrist, member of the commission to establish the true transsexualism: – The nature of the emergence of the true transsexualism is not fully understood. This disease is most often It is genetically provoked. Can be transmitted by inheritance, while not established in which generation will appear. Bad parenting and other external signs cannot him provoke. It is impossible to cure true transsexualism. The only way out is gender correction. Enough for someone hormone therapy, others resort to surgical intervention. As a rule, only after correction can patients feel happy. Anastasia VARDANYAN, Ekaterina SALENKOVA (“Komsomolskaya Pravda” – Oryol “- specially for” Express newspapers “)

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