Sit in the chair of the boss – you will be the boss

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There are many signs and superstitions associated with work and professional activities. Some of them are common. (i.e., apply to all employees in this field or to all people in general), while others were born within the same office or one companies there and “work.” Today we will talk about the most interesting and curious ones. Many beliefs are associated with employee jobs. And no wonder: because if a person takes the same chair or chair for a long time, then this the piece of furniture absorbs the energy of the “owner”. For example, in many companies consider it a bad omen to sit on their chairs colleagues. Like, you can “sit” a person and he will lose his job. Therefore, often employees prefer to stand, just not to sit on someone else’s place. But a good omen is to sit in the chair of the general director or senior manager. This is to increase. Highly often co-workers try not to take the place of a person who seriously ill or has died. They do it not only as a sign respect for the memory of colleagues, but also from subconscious superstition: a all of a sudden some kind of trouble will happen to you? In individual organizations there is a special “magical” place for women: worth a female employee to sit on it for several months as she leaves for decree. Representatives of different professions have their own “branded” signs. For example, in the midst of pilots, in no case should say that this flight is the last for today. They say: “extreme.” Otherwise, they say, an accident may occur. You can’t also wish pilots have a good flight. Also, pilots before a flight never take pictures – they believe that then one of them may not come back. After the test pilot completed the first flight, comrades must beat him with buttocks on the plane’s wheel – then the remaining flights will be successful. Doctors during On duty avoid phrases: “Today is calm” or: “Something boring!”. It is believed that then the remainder of duty will be stressful. It is not recommended to change duty: how as a rule, if you work for a colleague, certainly something will happen. Nurses should not want a quiet watch – maybe happen state of emergency. In medicine, the “law of paired.” So if If a complex patient entered, another one will soon arrive. A if the operation is unsuccessful, then the next one will be at least very complicated. Do not drop the patient’s medical history, otherwise her “host” will happen exacerbation or another emergency will happen situation. Firefighters believe that if during duty to clean boots (or a newcomer appears in the calculation), then soon a fire call is sure to come. When a fireman returns from vacation, comrades amicably water him with water – otherwise, again, in the same day will have to leave for another fire. At sellers taken before the start of trading to take a bill from the previous revenue and stroking it with all the goods to sell well. If the first the buyer is a man, then trading on this day will go briskly. Yet better if he pays off with a large bill – it promises a fabulous profit! Such a buyer is definitely recommended to make a discount. But swearing with the buyer at the beginning of the day is not worth it: there will be shortage. Drivers are considered a particularly bad omen a dog – oddly enough, even worse than a person! If this happened – you need to urgently get rid of the car, for example, to sell. Otherwise, the machine will always be in an accident. There is also strange sign: if you wash the car inside and out – the weather necessarily change. Realtors have their superstitions. For example, when a real estate agent leaves the office to meet with the client, In no case should you detain him at the door or ask for something to return. This may cause the customer to Refuses to meet or the transaction does not take place. By the way, experienced realtors try not to advertise trips to show the object to the client, especially if it is repeated – they are afraid to jinx it. In many professions, especially those related to business, exist similar unspoken rule: do not tell anyone about your plans (say, career) as a matter already true and resolved. May unforeseen circumstances arise that spoil everything. Diana Merlin

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