Six-fingered family from Brazil

Brazil became the winner of the World Cup five times, that is, her victories can be counted on the fingers of one hand. However, for this Brazilian family this principle does not apply, all its members – six fingers each. Therefore, she is sure: Brazil will surely win the sixth victory.

The da Silva family lives in a suburb of the Brazilian capital. At fourteen of its members – polydactyly, that is, six fingers per arms and legs.

Six-fingered family from BrazilA photo from open sources

They are proud of their genetic abnormality and believe that they can contribute to the victory of the Brazilian national team.

Ana Carolina Santos da Silva, the owner of six fingers: “Yes, of course. We are giving so much energy to Brazil won the World Championship and I believe that this energy flows in right course, they will play well and win their sixth Cup of the world. ”

The first six-fingered in the family da Silva was born great-grandmother. Availability additional fingers does not interfere, and sometimes even helps au pair. However, the sixth toes still deliver inconvenience to the female half of the family. They have to be removed to you could wear shoes.

A photo from open sources

Silvia Santos da Silva, the owner of six fingers:

“My father always perceived this as something natural, and for we are unusual people with five fingers. For example, my the five-fingered grandson does not feel like everyone else in the family. ”

To the 15-year-old Hoao, the sixth finger helps him play football. He wants become a goalkeeper.

A photo from open sources

Hoao da Silva, the owner of six fingers: “Everyone in Brazil loves football, and when they grow up, they want to become football players. Six fingers great help me in the game. I find it easier to hold the ball, I have hands more than the rest, it’s easier to catch a ball flying overhead. it helps a lot. ”

Brazil started the Championship with a bang, defeating Croatia with a score 3: 1. The next game, with Mexico, ended in a draw – 0: 0. Now same yes Silva crossed their six fingers to Brazil in the upcoming match beat Cameroon.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

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