Slavic amulet Burdock of Happiness: meaning, types of talisman

The burdock charm has been used in everyday life by both men and women since ancient times – it not only protects its owner from various misfortunes, but also helps to find what he wants. It is customary to wear this sign in the form of jewelry, embroider on clothes or apply to household items.

It is recommended to use the protective Slavic symbol after preliminary acquaintance with its properties, meaning and manufacturing rules to enhance the positive impact.

Burdock of happiness amulet

The origin of the amulet

Burdock became a talisman due to its viability – when other plants died from negative external factors, this burdock staunchly resisted them, continuing to bloom and grow.

The value of the amulet

It is believed that this amulet:

  • attracts happiness and prosperity to the house with thorns;
  • normalizes relationships between family members;
  • protects the inhabitants of the home from damage and the evil eye;
  • improves the owner's energy, normalizes physiological and psychological well-being;
  • helps to make informed and correct decisions in a short time;
  • relieves bad dreams;
  • fills the home with positive energy.

Expert opinion Natalia Aleksandrova Numerologist, parapsychologist, tarologist Regular wearing of the charm of happiness with the image of burdock will enhance the charisma of its owner, which will help him make pleasant and profitable acquaintances for work.

Amulet elements

The burdock charm looks like a complex geometric figure equipped with the following signs:

  1. Orepey. The central symbol, depicted as a square with a double outline. The meaning of the figure is the sun, it creates a balance between the physiological and psychological state of the owner, improves the energy of the home. The quadrangular nutlet cannot be covered with other figures, as it will lose its magical properties. The duality of lines symbolizes the simultaneous attraction of success and wealth into the life of the owner.
  2. Star of the Cross. It is depicted in the form of a rhombus, the lines of which intersect at the corners and go beyond the intersection points. The element will help to achieve a positive result in all matters, attract good luck, help to find your soul mate, strengthen immunity and help solve emerging problems without significant financial costs. This sign helps to establish a mental connection between its owner and higher powers.
  3. Burr. The appearance is a jagged quadrangular contour, on each of the vertices of which small rhombs are depicted, symbolizing fertility. A burdock embroidered on clothes will protect you from ill-wishers and help you achieve your goals. To enhance the protective and protective properties, it is recommended to embroider a four-leaf clover near the main symbol.

To protect their home from evil people and evil spirits, the Slavs used the plant itself, and not its image. At the wedding, close relatives swept the road in front of the bride, thereby driving away everything negative from her. To prevent envious people from entering the house, thistles of thistles were placed under the threshold in the castle and on the windowsills.

Who is useful

The amulet is recommended to be worn:

  1. For people with health problems, it helps, at a subconscious level, to tune in to harmony between the psychological and physiological state, which leads to the normalization of the work of the whole organism as a whole.
  2. For girls who want to get pregnant.
  3. People seeking a promotion at work and recognition from management.

Representatives of the sterner sex are advised to choose a gold jewelry, and women to give preference to silver jewelry. To enhance the properties of the talisman, you do not need to apply a large number of auxiliary symbols to the selected item.


The burdock charm can be applied to any part of the body, closed from the views of strangers, in the form of a permanent or temporary tattoo – it will not have a negative impact on the life of the owner.

If there are skulls, crosses and other hieroglyphs on the body, it is not recommended to apply this sign – it will not have magical properties, it will attract happiness and well-being into his life.

How to make a charm yourself

You can make a burdock charm in several ways:

  • cut out of wood, stone or bone of an animal killed with cold weapons;
  • smelt out of metal;
  • to embroider on clothes or any textiles;
  • fill in the form of a tattoo.

A self-made and charged amulet will have more powerful magical properties.

Charm embroidery rules

  1. Cut out two identical scraps of fabric and embroider the amulet on them.
  2. Use threads of various shades of purple for work.
  3. Put dried burdock between the pieces of fabric, sew on all sides.

For charging, the embroidered amulet lies down for several hours under direct sunlight or sweeps over a candle fire three times. After that, you need to hold the talisman in your hands for a few minutes, concentrating on your desires, after which you can start wearing it.

To achieve the desired result, when making a talisman, you need to adhere to several rules:

  • work only in full health and in a good mood;
  • try to finish the embroidery in one day, if you didn't have time – wrap the work in an opaque material and hide it from prying eyes;
  • while working, think about cherished desires, if the product is intended for another person – all the time to remember the good things associated with it;
  • do not tie knots at the ends of the threads.

When choosing a decoration as a talisman, it is important to cleanse the accumulated negative energy at least twice a year. To do this, the product is placed in table salt for 12 hours, after which it is washed under running water and left under the sun for the same amount of time. The used salt must be thrown out of the house on the same day.

When buying a ready-made protective jewelry, it is better to opt for the works of masters who are studying the culture of the Slavs – during work they pay more attention to details, which will have a positive effect on the final result.

The talisman in the form of a burdock will help change your life for the better, protect you from envious people and fulfill your innermost desires. The main rule is that when making, energizing and wearing, you need to sincerely believe in its strength and constantly talk with the talisman.

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