Slavic amulet Kolovrat: what does a symbol, amulet, talisman mean?

Since ancient times, the Kolovrat amulet acted as a powerful defender, endowed with colossal force of influence. The peculiarity of the sign lies in its inextricable connection with ordinary people. He symbolized the sun, as the source of all life on earth, and with his unobtrusive presence made it clear that the fiery element and man are a single whole. Amulet Kolovrat For a long time, the Kolovrat amulet acted as a powerful defender, endowed with colossal force of influence

Symbol meaning

The Slavic amulet Kolovrat surrounded by the sun means the eternal movement of the luminary across the sky and an incessant life cycle, where everything around is interconnected and subject to the laws of the universe.

Here the seasons replace each other, day alternates with night, the younger generation replaces the older one, adversity alternates with luck, illnesses recede in front of splendid health. It is not for nothing that the meaning of the word Kolovrat, where 'Kolo' is a wheel, and 'Gate' is to rotate, literally translates as a cycle.

To understand what the Kolovrat amulet means, you need to take a closer look at the symbolism. He was depicted in the form of a wheel, from the center of which L-shaped rays emanate, slightly rounded down. In the middle, a closed circle symbolizes the eternal movement of the Sun, and light and heat are concentrated around.

This amulet is one of the most devastating weapons in human history. Clear geometric lines, simple shape and power, contained in the sign, attract attention and will not leave anyone indifferent.

No wonder Adolf Hitler used ancient symbols to conquer peoples. But the interaction of evil thoughts and the amulet is incompatible. Only virtuous people can wear a charm charged with positive energy. Therefore, the Kolovrat has nothing to do with the ideology of Nazism.

The Slavs

Our ancestors believed that the one with such protection, a person is not subject to evil spells and is in the care of the ancient Slavic gods – Dazhdbog, Khors and the main one – Svarog, guardians and masters of the world. The owner of the talisman will not be disturbed by the hostile thoughts of others, and the soul will be cleansed of everything that interferes with a full-fledged happy life.

Who and how should wear the amulet

According to Slavic symbolism, Kolovrat is one of the few universal signs that, in their energy, are suitable for both men and women.

Indeed, regardless of gender, the talisman protects its owner from any negative impact, gives energy to the Sun, and helps to overcome difficult trials. All the power that is concentrated in the amulet carries only good – goodness, prosperity, prosperity, health.

The difference between a male and a female symbol lies in the direction of its rays. The sequence of lines counterclockwise indicates belonging to the weaker sex, connection with the other world. The direction of the rays in the other direction, according to the movement of the Sun – such a Kolovrat amulet is intended for the stronger sex.

Kolovrat The difference between a male and a female symbol lies in the direction of its rays.

Despite this division, there are many options for the image of the solar amulet, each of which is endowed with its own abilities.

  1. Two pairs of lines on the symbol bestow the power of fire: courage and courage.
  2. Six – and you are at the mercy of Perun. Well-being and tranquility are always there.
  3. The talisman with eight rays has the greatest power. All Slavic gods stood up to protect man.

The image can be drawn, as was done in antiquity, by placing signs on the walls of the dwelling, sacred temples, ritual vessels. But in this case, the sacred meaning of the amulet extends to the protection of the home and family life. The close proximity of the symbolism of the Sun to a person will bring much greater benefit.

Today, the Slavic sign Kolovrat is used not only in the form of talismans and rings, but also as images on the body in the form of tattoos. But before deciding on a responsible step, you need to understand that certain symbols can change fate.

 Kolovrat sign in the form of a tattoo Today the Slavic sign Kolovrat is used not only in the form of talismans and rings, but also as images on the body in the form of tattoos.

Amulet material

Talismans are made from various types of trees, bones and metals. Cotton and linen strings around the neck are suitable for them. Gold and silver pendants are best paired with expensive threads.

Do not use leather laces. A dead animal is capable of transmitting the energy of death to the product. Such interaction can harm a person.

The material from which the Kolovrat amulet is made is of no small importance.

  1. Gold symbols are suitable for timid and indecisive people. These signs will give you confidence.
  2. The glory of keeping the owner from evil energy has long been entrenched in silver items. The Kolovrat amulet enclosed in the sun made of silver neutralizes the bad thoughts of ill-wishers.
  3. Wooden signs symbolize the connection of everything on earth. Such talismans will help to find harmony of the soul, calmness, determination.

It is strictly forbidden to wear a Kolovrat with the attributes of Christianity. Conflict of religions will lead to disastrous results. The combination of several Slavic symbols, on the contrary, is encouraged.


Going into battle, the warriors decorated their shields, armor and weapons with sacred symbols. Basically, talismans were made of metal. They believed that such signs bestow the protection of the gods on the battlefield and bring victory. Over time, the Kolovrat amulet for men acquired a broader meaning.

  1. It helps to reveal inner strength, to see what is hidden from the eyes of ordinary people.
  2. Protects from negative energy, revealing its own magical abilities. Sharpens intuition, clairvoyance and telepathy.
  3. The male amulet Kolovrat helps to resolve difficult life situations and get out of them as a winner.
  4. The amulet will save life if the owner has to defend the land, will give decisiveness and courage.


The Slavic symbol Kolovrat has always been considered the keeper and protector of the family and orphans. Very often it was embroidered on children's clothes, decorated with everyday fabrics – tablecloths, napkins, blankets. Moreover, they used only natural fabrics and always new threads. They depicted signs in the most vulnerable places, closer to the head and heart:

  • on the collar;
  • breasts;
  • on shoulders.

For women, the Kolovrat amulet symbolizes purity of thoughts, a bright beginning, fertility, family well-being, and will protect the owner from damage and the evil eye. Thanks to him, the fairer sex found harmony in marriage. Women's amulets were mainly made of wood.

The invisible connection of the Sun, as a symbol of all life on earth and the child-bearing mother, especially helped girls expecting a child.

How to clean and charge the amulet

To achieve the best result, it is recommended to use your own mascots. But even in this case, the maximum effect is achieved only after the ritual of purification. Native elements: sunlight and fire will relieve extraneous energy and negative charge. Ideally, this is a few days before the full moon.

Our ancestors performed a ritual of purification with the help of natural water. They washed the Kolovrat in a river or stream, then the action was performed over the flame of a fire made of tree branches into which lightning struck.

Expert opinion Kanti Gauri Carmologist, parapsychologist In modern conditions, it is necessary to hold the amulet under running water, and then warm it up over an ordinary wax candle.

After cleansing, it is recommended to charge a donated, bought or self-made Kolovrat amulet with its own energy. This requires:

  • squeeze the amulet tightly in your palms;
  • with your eyes closed, ask yourself health and good luck;
  • carry with you for three days so that the amulet is saturated with the energy of the owner.

How powerful the Kolovrat charging will have depends on your desires and thoughts. After all, the Kolovrat amulet is able to keep only the brightest that exists in the world, helping to embark on the path of truth. It is with its help that it is worth starting life in a new direction.

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