Slavic amulet Svarog: the meaning of the amulet, tattoo

The sacred sign of Svarog is designed to give divine protection, protect and heal. Svarozhich amulet helps to heal the soul and mind, find harmony and balance, point the right direction for gaining human happiness, forms character.

amulet of svarog

The value of the amulet svarozich

The svarog amulet is a symbol of infinity and constant improvement, rejection of past habits and the pursuit of new knowledge. The sacred talisman is a constant companion of one who, on the path of spiritual development, is ready to give up physical benefits and follow the dictates of their ancestors.

There is a man in the center of the sign, and an infinite number of roads opens before him, which one he decides to choose. The svarog amulet will show the right path only to those who are looking for it.

Svarog is a fiery symbol of the blacksmith God Svarog. The Slavic deity sent people to help his son – the sun and gave earthly fire. Once the flame of the fire changed the life of all mankind. So, today, the value of the amulet is associated with the enlightenment of thoughts and mind, help in all endeavors and protection from all misfortunes.

  1. The owner of the amulet is able to find mental and physical harmony, direct negative thoughts on the path of creation and goodness, the search for truth and perfection.
  2. The symbol of svarog will allow you to save not only from your own pernicious habits – excessive drinking, smoking potions, gambling, but also from negative emotions from other people. The bearers of the fire talisman are not in danger of damage and the evil eye, conflict situations. Negative energy will be bypassed.
  3. The owner's stubbornness, laziness, indifference and depression will give way to courage, decisiveness and luck. The amulet will tell you how to correctly follow the path outlined from above, gain confidence and wisdom.
  4. Life obstacles and problems in the family will not be reflected in the marital system, on the contrary, they will strengthen the marriage bond.
  5. The sacred sign promotes the development of creative abilities, develops intuition, helps to achieve success in the professional field.

The ancient Slavic symbol has several varieties that differ not only in appearance, but also have unique properties and are designed for a specific age and gender.

  1. The eight-pointed star of Svarog is a kind of thread between the three worlds: the afterlife, the real and the divine, symbolizing their greatness and beauty. It protects from the negative effects of any of them, balances their influence. The connection of all times – past, present, future, can manifest itself at any period. Some esotericists claim that the star of svarog amulet also meant the well-coordinated work of the entire human body: body, soul, inner spirit. Slavic star amulet can be worn by men, women and even children. It helps to cope not only with difficult circumstances, but also to heal bodily ailments, to establish relationships with people with whom the connection has long been lost.
  2. The wheel of svarog reminds of the cycle of all that exists, of the endless movement of the universe, of the change of times and states. Such a symbol will tell you how to find material wealth and family happiness, and build a successful career. The svarog wheel is called the emblem of wisdom, longevity and prosperity.
  3. The symbolism in the form of a square is considered an exclusively male amulet. It develops diligence, skill, endurance, promotes professional growth, patronizes patience and hard physical labor. Therefore, it is not suitable for the fairer sex. The exception when a woman can use such an amulet concerns cases when she does painstaking manual work.

tattoo svarog

Tattoo meaning

Very often the talisman amulet svarog was depicted on various household items, embroidered on clothes, decorated with military armor and weapons. It is allowed to put marks on the body.

A tattoo with a svarog symbol should not be flaunted, otherwise it will lose its power. A person who has decided to capture a sacred symbol demonstrates a desire to comprehend the canons of the universe, determination to achieve their goals.

The svarog wheel tattoo means cleansing from the old life and turning to new knowledge and order. The image of a square is aimed at overcoming difficulties, disclosing potential. Tattoos should not be applied until the future owner is 33 years old.

Meaning among the Slavs

Our ancestors believed that the guardian of God Svarog is able to change life for the better, protect from misfortune, protect from any evil, and also enlist the help of the Gods.

Among the Slavs, the symbolism of fire personified fearlessness and endurance: it allowed women to successfully relieve themselves of burdens, kept men during battles, and allowed children to grow up brave and fair.

Mirror symbol Rodimich

The Slavs considered the divine blacksmith Svarog to be a link between generations, capable of calling on the entire clan for protection and help at the right moment.

There is another interesting type of talisman, endowed with the power to combine ancestral power. Amulet Rodimich is a mirror image of the amulet of svarog:

�· He harbors knowledge and patronage of the family;

�· Allows you to pass on traditions to future generations;

�· Strengthens the strength of the spirit and keeps family ties;

�· Gives insight and flair.

People believed that the beginning of all beginnings is a family that is more important than all the Gods. Therefore, the image dedicated to the symbol of the Family served as the basis for all Slavic amulets.

Both signs in the form of one amulet have double support. Such symbolism is suitable for adults, accomplished people who already have a certain life experience and wisdom. Rodimich is contraindicated in children.

svarozich amulet value

Who is the amulet for?

It should be noted that an ambulance amulet svarozich will be provided to those who are at a crossroads, have lost the meaning of life and are confused in search of the right solution.

The svarog wheel will be a useful help for athletes, extreme professions and situations requiring agility, strength and courage. The fire symbol will preserve health, give confidence and the ability to avoid dangers.

The symbolic sign will help public creative people, representatives of leadership positions and social groups: teachers, doctors, psychologists to find peace of mind. Thanks to the amulet, the excessive return of emotions will be compensated for with new strengths and impressions.

How to wear correctly

The wheel of svarog will benefit only those who live by the laws of conscience and creativity. People deprived of virtues should not use a sacred talisman. The positive energy of the amulet is capable of destroying such a host.

To protect against dark forces and troubles of life, it is preferable to wear the amulet in a secluded place in the form of a pendant around the neck, a pendant in a wallet or bag. It is recommended to use natural materials as a thread: linen or cotton fibers, precious metal chains.

The amulet can be used only after the purification rite. You cannot combine several signs at the same time in order to avoid unexpected consequences.

Talisman of svarog is a symbol of heavenly fire, which will never go out and will burn as long as a person needs it.

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