Slavic amulet Thor's Hammer: the meaning of the amulet

Thor's hammer is a very popular amulet that protects the wearer from negativity and troubles. It has been used in Scandinavian countries since pagan times. The Scandinavians believed that the mighty Thor, the god of thunder and fertility, fought against evil with a huge hammer.

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This hammer, called Mjolnir by the northern Europeans, was so heavy that no god could lift it except Thor. The amulet carries great positive power, has many meanings.

The meaning of the amulet hammer of Thor

Each Scandinavian country attaches its own importance to the hammer of Thor. But there are general meanings that do not depend on the origin of the ancient talisman:

  • increasing the stamina and endurance of warriors;
  • protection from troubles and troubles;
  • protection from the destructive effects of natural disasters;
  • increasing land fertility and productivity;
  • protection from poverty and early death.

The hammer is an exclusively male amulet. But since it increases fertility, it can be worn by women planning a pregnancy. A woman should put a talisman under the matrimonial bed in order to easily conceive and bear a healthy child.

Expert opinion Svetlana Kravchenko Esoteric In ancient times, the amulet was actively used for magical ceremonies. Magicians still use the hammer as a link through which communication with spirits and deities is possible.

People far from magic wore the talisman as a means of improving health and improving financial condition. The warriors tried to terrorize their enemies on the battlefield.

Among the Slavs, the hammer of Svarog has a similar meaning. Slavic amulets are also intended for men, add physical and mental strength, protect from troubles and dark magical attacks.

Differences between talismans

Various materials are used in the manufacture of Thor's amulet. But it is believed that it is best to purchase a piece of silver. This noble metal is a reliable protector against dark magical influences. It endows with powerful energy.

If you don’t like silver or causes an allergic reaction when it comes into contact with the skin, you can buy a talisman made of another metal. The exception is gold. This is the metal of the rich and merchants, alien to the warlike and harsh god of thunder.

When making a talisman with your own hands, they usually use a hard tree. The best options are oak, beech, hazel. These trees represent courage, resilience, longevity, and natural strength.

You need to make a hammer amulet only in a positive mood, having slept and ate well. In the course of work, you cannot think about bad things. It is necessary to mentally transfer positive energy to the product. Having saturated with light energy, the talisman will attract only positive events to the owner.

When making an amulet of Thor with your own hands, you need to take into account that the Celtic symbols depicted on it have a clear meaning. Therefore, before engraving, you should familiarize yourself with the symbols used, find out what each element of the pattern means.

The finished product can be purchased from an artisan or online store. The choice is wide; jewelry is offered from bronze, brass, cupronickel, English tin, beech. Purchase quality charms made of stainless steel: pendants, bracelets, rings. There are decorations, complemented by decorative stones and sacred symbols that enhance the magical effect.

Thor's hammer meaning

How to wear a talisman?

Thor's hammer is a stylish and popular piece of jewelry that, in addition to its aesthetic, has a protective function. In order for the product to reliably protect against negative magical effects, it must be used correctly:

  1. It is preferable to wear the amulet around the neck. If this is not a pendant, but a keychain or some other product, then it must be kept with you at all times.
  2. The place for storing the amulet of Thor's hammer needs to be made a box or bag. Do not store it in an open place, among other decorations.
  3. You cannot give the amulet to strangers. So his magical power will quickly be exhausted.
  4. The hammer must not be worn in conjunction with reptile ornaments. The symbols are energetically opposed to each other, which will negatively affect the owner.
  5. It is not worth buying a hammer for a person who has unkind thoughts and aspirations, aimed at doing an unrighteous deed. In this case, there is no reason to hope for the protection of the god Thor.

As a talisman, Thor's hammer is universal. It suits all signs of the Zodiac, helps to show positive qualities of character, endows with stamina and the desire to win.

It is especially recommended to wear the pendant for people born under the sign of Aries. She makes Aries successful in personal relationships, helps to rise above ill-wishers and competitors.

To maintain the magical power of Thor's amulet, it is necessary to periodically cleanse. There are two methods:

  1. Purification by the element of water. The product is washed in running water, placed in a container with salt overnight. Washed again in the morning.
  2. Purification by the element of fire. The product is held over the candle for several minutes, then washed in running water.

tattoo hammer thor meaning

Hammer tattoo

Thor's hammer tattoo is quite popular today. The image applied to the body protects a person from negative influences, gives the energy necessary to achieve their goals. A person wearing a hammer on his body demonstrates love of freedom, assertiveness, the ability to go to the end.

Thor's hammer is a tattoo with a meaning that varies depending on the specific type of sketch:

  1. If the hammer is depicted on the body with the handle down, then its bearer is a self-confident person, able to deal with stress, having a persistent character. Such a person sets clear goals in life, and knows how to achieve them.
  2. If the hammer is depicted inclined, then its bearer is an aggressive and quarrelsome adventurer who has constant problems in personal and business relationships.
  3. If Mjolnir is supplemented with the image of lightning, then a person has a huge energy potential.
  4. A hammer, complemented by a raven's head, helps to cope with adversity. The host becomes wiser and more determined.

The tattoo is done both in color and in black and white. The meaning of the symbol does not depend on the color scale.

Thor's hammer is one of the most powerful symbols capable of endowing a person with strength and endurance, reliably protecting against negative influences. It is believed that the amulet will never be acquired by accident.

If a person bought a hammer, then he felt an energetic connection with him. The talisman helps only people with positive thoughts and intentions. For a person who is plotting evil, he will not be useful.

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