Slavic amulets, silver amulets

Most of the Slavic talismans and amulets have solar symbolism – this indicates the worship of our ancestors to the Sun, and amulets such as Kolovrat, Solstice or Ladinets are depicted as a swastika.

Silver charms fill the owner with powerful energy, but it is important to choose and wear this symbol correctly. If you are beginning to be drawn to a certain amulet, it means that it suits your energy, so you can safely purchase it.

Slavic amulets made of silver

The cleansing power of silver

Most often, Slavic amulets are made of silver due to the useful properties of this metal:

  • helps to eliminate health problems and has a healing effect;
  • develops intuition and latent abilities;
  • cleans the soul, absorbs negative energy;
  • rejuvenates the body and normalizes the state of mind.

Symbolism of Slavic amulets

Silver charms are selected depending on the gender of a person, while you should not forget that each sign is patronized by a deity or a natural element.

Charms for women

The main purpose of Slavic amulets for women made of silver:

  • protection of the owner from the negative effects of evil forces;
  • help in bearing healthy offspring;
  • strengthening family ties;
  • preservation of health and female beauty for many years.

Common symbols for the fairer sex:

  1. Star of Lada. Endows the hostess with good health and longevity, protects the family from misfortunes.
  2. The woman in labor. It awakens the maternal instinct in a girl, helps to give birth and bear a baby, and also greatly facilitates the birth process.
  3. Makosh. Talisman for mature women – attracts peace, harmony and prosperity to the house.
  4. Ladinets. Suitable for use at any age. Helps girls meet a soul mate, and married ladies improve family relationships. Also protects the owner from damage and the evil eye.
  5. Yarovik. It attracts good luck, strengthens the spirit, helps to increase wealth and multiply the family.
  6. Molvinets. Protects from ill-wishers, awakens hidden talents, normalizes the balance between physical and mental state.
  7. Lunnitsa. It endows the mistress with inner beauty, brings true love into her life and promotes harmonious relationships with loved ones.
  8. Ognevitsa. Designed for adult women who have already experienced the joy of motherhood – it provides their protection, brings good luck and saturates with positive energy.

Women's Slavic amulets are worn in the form of rings, pendants, pendants or bracelets, and such protective symbols are also embroidered on clothes.

Charms for men

Men's silver amulets give the wearer strength, attract wealth and protect his life in any travels, during a battle or hunting.

For men, the best Slavic amulets made of silver are:

  1. Ax of Perun. Fills the owner with spiritual and physical strength, protects his family from ill-wishers.
  2. Perun's shield. Protects from bad thoughts, helps to emerge victorious in any difficult life situation.
  3. Thunderman. Provides a man with invulnerability in battles, fills him with true power with determination and assertiveness. The amulet enhances the manifestation of valor, courage and masculinity in the owner.
  4. Hammer of Svarog. Helps to easier master new knowledge, strengthens relationships between family members.
  5. Vseslavets. Protects a man from the evil eye, family quarrels and the effects of negative energy.
  6. Thunderstorm. Endows its owner with wisdom and strength, allowing them to resist natural adversity and disease.
  7. Ratiborets. Strengthens the invisible connection with ancestors, promotes making the right decisions.
  8. Velez is a bear paw. Promotes success at work and guarantees protection against failure.
  9. Rodimych. Gives self-confidence and helps to achieve success in all endeavors.
  10. Christmas carol. Makes the owner braver, gives the desire to win, protects in everyday life from any adversity.
  11. Dukhobor. Promotes self-improvement, protects against envious people.

Talismans donated by a beloved woman, mother or sister, as they are charged with her magic, have a special energy.

Universal amulets

Silver amulets stand out, equally suitable for both men and women:

  1. Wedding. The best talisman for newlyweds – protects marital happiness from scandals and betrayal. Must be worn by both spouses from the date of marriage.
  2. Alatyr. Protects the owner from various diseases and the effects of evil spirits. It is filled with greater power if it was presented as a gift by a loved one.
  3. Defeat the grass. A universal two-sided amulet that protects the owner from evil spirits and fills his life with luck.
  4. Velez is a wolf's paw. Promotes promotion at work, develop intuition, gives an invisible connection with ancestors and develops hidden abilities
  5. Yarilo. Brings happiness and joy to the owner's life, saturates with vital energy.
  6. Kolovrat in a futarka. Contributes to the preservation of health and procreation, protects against any damage.
  7. Light. Helps to find the lost meaning of life, develops observation, perseverance and perseverance.
  8. Svarozhich. Always points in the right direction, helps to achieve success in legal affairs.
  9. Triglav. It will help to achieve harmony at work and at home, teach you to make meaningful decisions.
  10. The tree of life. This talisman protects the family from quarrels, diseases and the evil eye, and fills the house with positive energy.
  11. Flower of Life. It helps the owner to get what he wants, but for this it is important to sincerely open the amulet of thoughts.

How To Wear a Silver Slavic Obere

There are several recommendations on how to wear Slavic amulets made of silver:

  • wear an amulet on a leather cord or silver chain;
  • hide the protective sign from prying eyes;
  • pins or brooches with the symbol printed on them should be worn with the point down.

It is believed that for an effective impact on life, pendants with selected symbols should be worn at the heart level. Most often, male protective symbols are applied to rings and pendants or embroidered on clothing.

How to speak amulet

For the conspiracy of an amulet made of gold or silver, do not use a universal text – it is enough to mentally ask the amulet for what you want most in life.

It is not recommended to use Christian prayers to activate the talisman, since such protective signs are directly related to paganism.

How to cleanse a silver amulet

When the metal absorbs negative energy, it darkens and needs cleaning. Dark silver should not be worn any further, but must be cleaned with baking soda or special cleaning agents.

Even if the amulet has not darkened, it is recommended to clean it once a month to preserve its protective properties. To do this, put the product in salt for a day, then hold it for two minutes under running water and dry it in direct sunlight.

Expert opinion Kanti Gauri Carmologist, parapsychologist When choosing a silver amulet, give preference to jewelry with non-stylized Slavic signs – such products have more powerful energy.

A correctly selected symbol will be a reliable protector from evil spirits and various witchcraft, and will also help get rid of negative energy.

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