Slavic bracelets and charms

Since ancient times, many people have been using charms made with their own hands or various purchased bracelets, which help protect themselves from the evil eye, improve their financial situation, relationships with loved ones, or health.

In order to choose the right protective amulet in the form of a bracelet, it is necessary to study all the available varieties and their meaning, to determine how to properly activate its magical properties.

Slavic bracelets amulets

Charm bracelets meaning and varieties

Wrist bracelets in the form of a talisman or a protective amulet are selected not by their appearance, but based on the existing troubles of life.


The Slavs made bracelets from any available materials, and the protective symbols applied on top gave them power. The main purpose of protective bracers:

  • protecting men during any battle;
  • health promotion, getting rid of existing ailments;
  • attracting good luck and financial well-being;
  • protection of the owner from the leprosy of evil spirits.

Women's symbolism included Ladenets, Rozhanitsa, Makosh Lunnitsa and the star of Lada. The symbol of Veles and Perun, Molvinets and Kolyadnik were considered masculine signs. Alatyr, Kolovrat and the cross of Svarog were considered universal symbols.

Expert Opinion Ilmira Derbentseva Parapsychologist The bracelets made for a man by a mother, sister or spouse were endowed with maximum power – it was believed that the closest woman put a part of herself into the work, enhancing the protective properties.

From the evil eye

A bracelet made of red thread and supplemented with a blue eye sign will protect the wearer from damage, curses and any negativity emanating from the people around. To create a talisman, thread a thread through the hole of the bead on which the eye is depicted, and fix it with knots on both sides.

From the evil eye

A bracelet with the sign of Hamsa or the hand of Fatima, depicted as a hand with a pattern in the center, will protect from the evil eye. A red thread is threaded through the symbol, after which 7 knots are made – when tying each knot, you must mentally imagine a protective shield in front of you.

Red thread

Self-made braided bracelets made of red thread on the arm will help:

  • make the right decision in an emergency;
  • to bring closer the fulfillment of the most secret desires;
  • protect yourself from the evil eye, curses and damage;
  • bring financial well-being to the owner's life.

For work, you can take red woolen yarn or floss. Manufacturing method – wrap the selected thread around the left hand and tie it in several knots. The finished product can be decorated with ordinary or precious stones, which are selected according to the sign of the zodiac, with a small cross or an icon – this will enhance its magical properties.

The red thread brought from Israel after a special ritual has been carried out on it has stronger magical properties.


To improve your financial situation, you should tie a blue or green thread around your wrist. You can fix a coin of any country on it, from visiting which you have positive emotions. You can also hang the Fehu rune on the thread. To attract monetary well-being, the chosen amulet must be worn without removing.


Shambhala – an amulet, originally from Tibet, is created using various weaving of knots. Such a protective decoration will help you make the right life decisions. To make it, you need to take 2 meters of blue cord, 50 cm of black cord and 9 beads made of stone or plastic. After each bead, a knot is made, and 5 knots are tied at the ends of the cord.


Materials in bracelets

Charm bracelet can be made of fabric, bone, stone, wood, leather, precious or common metals. It is believed that talismans made from natural materials are endowed with more power.

Items made of silver or gold are allowed to be decorated with stones or inscriptions, and additional symbols can be embroidered on fabric crafts – this will not have a negative impact on the properties of the amulet. The quickly blackened precious metal can be used to determine the negative impact and try to identify its source.

How to wear a wrist talisman

On the left hand

Most of the negative energy comes through the left side of the body, so all Slavic charm bracelets designed to protect against any evil are selected on the left hand.

All bracelets made of threads are also worn on this hand – they attract financial well-being into the life of their owner, strengthen health, improve relationships with a loved one or relatives.

For newborns, take a red thread on the left wrist – it will protect the baby from negative external influences.

On the right hand

Gold or silver bracelets are worn on the right hand – they attract positive energy, help to achieve success at work, relieve nightmares and bad thoughts.

How to make a charm bracelet

The color chosen for the wrist amulet is of no small importance:

  • yellow – protection from ill-wishers, prevention of problems while carrying a child;
  • green – solving money problems, getting a promotion at work, improving relationships with a soul mate;
  • blue – the disclosure of creativity;
  • purple – strengthening feelings between lovers;
  • white – harmonious relationships with loved ones, the solution of old conflicts;
  • black – a talisman against any witchcraft;
  • red – protection of physical and mental health from negative external influences.

When weaving a protective bracelet, a number of rules should be followed:

  • work alone and in silence;
  • make a bracelet only with good intentions;
  • mentally focus on the life area in which you need to improve.

You should not sit down to make a bracelet with bad thoughts or feeling unwell, otherwise the done thing will be devoid of positive properties or its power will be directed against you.

How to turn a bracelet into an amulet

There are several ways to activate the protective bracelet:

  • consecrate in a church or in any temple where your religion is professed;
  • after applying protective signs, hold it in water, reading to yourself a conspiracy for what you want – health, wealth or protection;
  • for several nights after production, keep the bracelet under the pillow so that it absorbs the wearer's energy.

Care Tips

  1. Men's and women's charms made of precious metals need regular cleaning. When dark spots appear on the silver product, you need to leave the bracelet on the growing moon for the whole night under the moonlight, and then at dawn move it into pre-salted water for another 2 days.
  2. If the golden amulet has darkened, it is placed under the first rays of the sun at dawn and remains until lunchtime, and then dipped into salt water for a day. The used liquid must be poured as far away from the house as possible.
  3. The purchased bracelet before wearing should be cleaned in water from extraneous energy and charged with solar energy.
  4. If the amulet is torn, it means that it has absorbed the maximum of negative energy – it cannot be worn further, it is recommended to burn the thing or bury it at the crossroads. The lost amulet signals an impending disaster and in the near future it is recommended to be as careful as possible, to avoid any adventures and travel.

In order for a made or purchased wrist talisman to have a positive effect on the life of the owner, you need to sincerely believe in his energy and mentally ask for help every day. Before buying or manufacturing it is advised to study all the properties of the amulet so that it works in full force.

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