Sleeping beauty would like to become nonsense

Sleeping Beauty would like to become NonsensePhotos from open sources of

Resident of the British city of Nottingham Jessica Southall (Jessica Southall) would like to be the heroine of one of the Russian fairy tales – Princess Nesmeyannaya, because for her laughter, unlike normal people, not health and joy, but real punishment.

The fact is that Jessica suffers from a rare disease, so called essential narcolepsy. This disease manifests itself in that any strong emotion makes the patient’s muscles relax, after which he falls asleep almost instantly. therefore if a woman laughs, the next moment she is already sleeping. it true, and in many other cases when Jessica experiencing strong feelings, for example, is angry, worried about intimacy with a man and so on.

For the first time, the disease began to manifest itself in her as a teenager when teachers began to complain to Jessica’s parents that the child is constantly sleeping in the lessons, and even in the breaks: why doesn’t he get enough sleep? Jessica Southall had to go through a lot of doctors and all kinds of tests before they put her so sad diagnosis – she is terminally ill.

Essential narcolepsy is a rare disease of the nervous system. system, it is believed that it leads to uncontrolled falling asleep a person suffering from this disease, and this is very dangerous for himself the patient and the people around him.

Jessica claims that she rarely completely falls asleep at the moment of an attack, her consciousness at this time is most often awake, but her body becomes completely uncontrollable, all muscles are so relaxed, which from the outside seems: she sleeps a sound sleep. True, this condition is not much different from sleep paralysis, a woman can only hear the surroundings, but neither open his eyes nor not able to move. The real sleeping beauty from the book French storyteller Charles Perrault …

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