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Russian physiologist Ivan Tarkhanov, who made a great contribution to study of the central nervous system and thinking processes, not doubted that the brain holds as many secrets as there are in it cells. And, undoubtedly, one of the most intriguing puzzles of the brain is a lethargic dream.

Breathing, circulation, palpitations are so depressed it’s hard to tell if a person is alive or dead. No wonder that at a time when there was no death recording equipment, people, immersed in such a dream, considering dead, buried alive.

Chilling collection of facts false death, burial, exhumations of imaginary deceased and their subsequent long life, compiled by American writer Alan Edgar Poe. Assembled in quality blanks for future short stories and stories. To win along with the townsfolk, loving all kinds of horror stories, were scientists – physiologists, psychiatrists, neurophysiologists. We, in turn, take advantage of fragments of the documentary heritage of Edgar Allan Poe and author of the book “Spirit and Body” Ivan Tarhanova, who provided a lot interesting in terms of the phenomenon of the so-called criminal lethargic sleep.

Crypt of Resurrected Teens

The fear of being buried alive is related to the Terlay family, living at the beginning of the XIX century in a suburb of Boston. For this, of course, there were good reasons that children from kind of Scottish immigrants now and then fell into lethargic sleep.

The younger Terleys could sleep for a month or two. Those who stayed in “ossified immobility” up to six months or more, carried to the cemetery, where left on a special table, in a special heated crypt. If the body began to decompose, it was interred. If not – left to lie, until the “resurrection”.

For all these procedures, Edgar Poe left a remark: “Terley’s stubborn desire to bury her imaginary dead provoked court hearings for bullying the living. Terley appealed to the common sense of the jury, explaining that how true Christians, they could not offend the souls of departed to God, depriving the last refuge of their bodies as well. “Terlay was acquitted by accepting into account the situation of ongoing mental trauma, which they were exposed when any of them fell asleep literally dead sleep.

Particularly harassed by the attack of family members named Max. Max Terley, desperate to wake them even with hot irons to feet buried until 1903. When witnesses opened coffins, removing from a shallow niche, after the caretaker the crypt, whose services were paid by the city hall, began to hear “underground sounds” – groans, screams, thuds against a tree. Edgar Allan Poe who took part in two exhumation procedures, which is evident from his notes, most of all was shocked by the fact that the “resurrected” Max, Mentally, it seems, normal, began to wander around cemeteries, rejecting the convenience of a wealthy estate, preferred to spend the night and sleep in crypts, assuring that they communicate with the dead, by directly mediating the dead with the living. “It is doubtful Of course, that the psyche of Max remained normal. Try this sort through the example of the first of the resurrected Max, ordeal which is reflected in the notes of Edgar Allan Poe.

On the brink of death

In the spring of 1845, eleven-year-old Max Turley became ill with malaria. The well-being of the teenager deteriorated so rapidly that through for two days, Dr. Frey Rosenberg stated death by demanding so that the disease is “highly contagious,” the body immediately interred. Relatives obeyed. But first the night after the funeral, Max’s parents had a “synchronized sleep”, as if their son, writhing in a coffin and panting, begs, to avoid his actual death, run to the rescue.

And they ran, armed with lanterns and crowbars, six farmer neighbors, led by teenage father Alexander. Further, as Edgar Poe testifies, from under the slab distinctly there were rustling, sobbing and knocking. Raised coffin lid deprived Terleigh of senior hope. It was clear that the boy was desperate tried to get out because he was lying on his side, clenching his fists tightly, obviously not in the pose in which they buried. Parents decided to move child to the hospital of Dr. Rosenberg.

Frey Rosenberg said he was mistaken in the diagnosis of malaria, which is now he does not doubt that Max sleeps soundly in a sleepwalking sleep. The teenager was identified in the extension of the main farm house by oversee him older sister Emmy. Total max up the beginning of his “cannibal ordeals” slept for exactly four months. Then, according to Emmy Terley, Edgar Poe reports, Max at nights, with eyes closed, set off towards the nearest biaxial graveyards. Parents found that at first Max wandered before dawn between the graves, then wandered home, went to bed. It was surprising that without food and drink, the kid was gaining weight.

Dr. Rosenberg, sincerely wishing to “awaken Max for full-blooded life, “went on a weird medically act. Took to cause an artificial “concussion” by pouring in throat an earthen bottle of whiskey. Oddly enough, it helped. Max stopped sleep during the day, helped with the housework, attended church. In the afternoon – a man as everyone. But only during the day …

“At night,” writes Edgar Poe, “Max wandered, was dangerous to those around him, even to family members he didn’t recognize. “Frey Rosenberg, as a treating doctor who can not remain indifferent to the “lunar brutality” of a teenager, was found to be lethargic, accompanied by symptoms of sleepwalking, a dream fell on a family Terley after the malaria epidemic.

Malaria in the first half of the century before last was treated exclusively hina. Mr. Rosenberg, following the traditions, got hinny pills and infusions, starting to use all this Max in periods “daylight enlightenment of the brain.” Some progress for the better appeared immediately – sometimes in the evening the kid fell asleep, like everyone else. how all waking up in the morning.

Cemetery Cannibals

Science interprets sleepwalking as a disorder of consciousness in which, regardless of the will and desire of the subject, “automatically” are committed walking with closed eyes, there are all kinds of forms of perversions and violence. It was also revealed that “mergers” often take place. sleepwalking with lethargic, imaginary sleep. Ivan Tarkhanov, putting these pathology in a row, did not consider the adolescents of the Turley family as mentally balanced. Characterized their actions in the state obscurity unequivocally: “Max was not a criminal, because they did not know of what they did when, in the bestial way, with fingers, like claws, they dug up fresh graves, smashed coffins, torn fingers the deceased by eating them. The last such teenager Max Turlay the relatives of the desecrated deceased girl were shot in 1903. After which Terlay disappeared from Boston, using the legal the right to change the last name.

As a summary, we use the hypothesis of a modern scientist Andrei Velsky, studying the criminal aspects of the lethargic sleep, sleepwalking from the standpoint of genetics. He insists that for cannibal “feasts” of young Ter-lei meets a certain genetic hereditary failure. In the case of the first Max Turley, severe cannibal, genetic failure malaria. And Dr. Rosenberg’s bitter medicine has nothing to do with it. By according to Velsky, he managed to delve into the mechanics of cannibal genetic failure. This means that a terrible ailment can to win.

A life

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