SMS sleepwalking

Recently, more and more people do not part with mobile phones … in a dream! For example, they send SMS messages, and in the morning they don’t remember anything about it. Specialists even coined the term – SMS sleepwalking. Photos from open Sources According to Dr. Akshay Mahadevia of Genesis Medical Systems, Mental Disorder – parasomnia: Mahadevia claims that people with parasomnia as if they were on the verge of sleep and wakefulness. They are in uncertain state in which different things are done, “says doctor. American Candy Guy suffers a similar disorder, working as a paramedic in a clinic in Davenport (Iowa). Friends often receive messages from her at night about which she remembers nothing when waking up. The girl’s father says that it all started about a year ago. “She goes to bed,” Wayne says. Guy, – then I come and see how she writes with her eyes closed and sends messages to different addresses. “First, Candy this was a problem, but over time her friends got used to the weird the girl’s behavior. Now she herself asks them in the morning for on the phone or in person: “Well, what did I write to you at night? “But how is this even possible? According to a colleague of Mahadevia, somnologist Markus Schmidt, those who and used to be prone to sleep disorders. It’s just one of manifestations of pathology. By the way, in order to dial a message on mobile, you don’t need to “turn on” the brain to the fullest – it’s possible to do and “on the machine.” Moreover, because when we dream, we we also perform some actions in them, sometimes quite deliberately. The spread of SMS sleepwalking is facilitated by the fact that many, laying down sleep, do not turn off the cell phones and leave them within reach. “Four out of five young people who have cell phones, keep them next to their bed, and only one out of ten disconnects the phone at night, “says the professor Schmidt. He advises to avoid embarrassing situations associated with sending SMS at night, create comfortable conditions for sleeping and remove the mobile phone away – in any case, do not keep it on bedside table or under the pillow. Lunatics are “able” not only send messages by mobile. So, a few years ago alone the Englishwoman managed to appeal through the court the bills sent to her for long-distance telephone calls. It turned out that the lady was calling to your family and friends … while you sleep! All conversations took place exclusively at night, and the subscribers did not even suspect that their the interlocutor is sleeping! Another, a resident of Toledo, suffered Internet sleepwalking! Once, while sleeping, a lady got out of bed, turned on the computer, loaded the mail site and, having entered the password from of my mailbox, sent three messages from there familiar men. The letters contained a lot of errors, but were approximately the same content, very frivolous: “Come tomorrow and do something with this hell hole. Take only wine with you and caviar. “The next morning, the Spaniard did not remember anything about the night sending correspondence. Therefore, she was very surprised when one of The addressee called and said that he accepts her offer. Female fell into shock – because in a dream she expressed her secret desires, which I would never dare to open while awake! Dr. Simon Williams of the University of Warwick in a report, published in the journal “Sociology”, tells about people who are capable of performing various actions in a dream: walking, have sex, cook, drive, play musical instruments and even commit crimes. IN In hotels more and more lunatic guests are found. The management of the British hotel chain Travelodge was forced issue a special training manual for staff on handling such customers. So, at the hotel counter should always to be a bath towel. What for? Fact that most Somnambulist walk around the hotel naked! Moreover, they are like the receptionist walks up to the front desk and asks “innocent” questions like: “Where is the bathroom?”, “Do you have fresh newspapers?” or: “Am I late for work?” Servants prescribed carefully remove the towel from the rack, cover with it the nakedness of the guest and persuade him to return to bed … Meanwhile, the participants annual summit held by the american academy of neurology in Denver, concluded that sleepwalking is associated with change individual genes. Their activation leads to a state when a person performs some actions, but cannot wake up. True, what specific genes are responsible for walking and sending SMS, scientists can not answer yet. Margarita Troitsyna


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