Snake heart

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Fellow travelers sometimes talk about the most intimate and they say things that you can’t even tell loved ones about. When I was 18 years old, I rode the train and talked with the woman Tonya, who told me about her family. Her husband was like her said golden hands, the mother-in-law is very good. And here is the husband’s sister From the first days, Zina disliked Tonya and plagued her in every possible way, especially when they were alone. Tonya didn’t want to complain about her, so as she saw that her husband was very friendly with her sister, she suffered. But everyone patience comes to an end. On the advice of her friend, she decided Seek advice from one grandmother. After listening, she said: – Today you will have a dream. You can do it – everything will be fine, no – mom will help!

How mother could help her, Tonya had no idea, because she died three years ago. And yet, as my grandmother said, the next night Tone really had a strange dream. She dreamed that she sitting on a high throne and relatives approach her: husband, mother-in-law, Zina. And surprisingly, she saw their breasts as if on X-ray. My husband’s heart turned out to be in the form of a tulip flower, mother-in-law – in the form of a lily of the valley, and Zina instead of a heart turned out to be maliciously smiling snake head. From disgust Tonya woke up, she was a snake even in the pictures could not stand. And after awakening, she suddenly remembered that the snake managed to whisper: “Kill me, kill me …” Tonya remembered Grandma’s words, but only about killing human, she could not even think. Next night her had another dream. She dreamed of mom sitting on a cloud. “You be patient a little, daughter, she said. – Summer is coming, you will go swim, and everything will form. You’ll see. “This dream was mine fellow traveler in April, a week before our conversation. She went to a village to her aunt, whom she had not seen for three years. We broke up and I thought that I would never see Tonya again. But fate decreed otherwise. 30 years after our meeting, it was April again and I rode the train. Suddenly a woman runs up to me. – Tatyana! -she exclaimed. – I so dreamed once again to meet with you. After all I have no one to talk about myself with, and now the Lord again sent me you! It turned out to be the same Tonya, and from her I found out how it ended that story. It turned out that in July of that year, her husband’s sister called her bathe. It’s not known what she conceived, some too affectionate was, but Tonya went so as not to spoil completely strained relationship. They came to the river and began to swim race. But in the middle of the river, Tony suddenly rolled his foot. She became floundering, but Zina did not come to the rescue. Moreover, Tone suddenly it seemed that she again saw her husband’s sister through and that in chest instead of heart snake head. The snake began to grow in size and push Tonya under the water. Although, perhaps, she did it herself Zina. What happened next, Tonya can hardly explain. When she sank and almost lost consciousness, she appeared a goldfish, and Tonya was sure that it was her mother. And in the next moment, some unknown force threw her up. Once on the surface, Tonya continued to fly up to the clouds. She admired the sun and forgot about everything, even about Zina. In myself Tonya came home already and could not understand how she ended up there. She found out that Zina was missing. She was searched for a long time in the forest and in the river, not found – as if perished. And amazingly, on the fortieth day after Zina’s disappearance, their neighbor Uncle Kostya caught a strange river ugly fish, not like any of the fish that live on Earth. The whole village came to look at her. Uncle Bones later asked: – Well, a delicious mutant something? He replied that, having opened fish, he saw inside her such that even the little pig was afraid to give. He buried her remains far beyond the ravine and more about her never said. Since then, Tonya and her husband have healed very well. At They were born two daughters, and then three grandchildren. And Tonya with she was surprised to learn from her husband that Zina was not his sister. Then for her everything fell into place. Most likely, Zina was not indifferent to his half-brother, therefore hated him the chosen one and tried to get rid of her in order to get her beloved. Tatyana MOSKALEVA, Vesyegonsk, Tver Region

Snake Fish

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