Snow falls in the USA, which turns black when heated and does not turn into water

From all over the United States, reports of unusual “geoengineering” snow. After watching the video with the experiment, where is snow blackens, the viewer from another video decided to try to do the same the most. He brought a lot of snow inside the room, brought the lighter closer to him, but nothing happened. Then he grabbed a torch, and then something happened, but not what anyone expected to see. The process of “melting” left neither water nor puddles … nothing. Similar experiments were repeated by people from different parts of the USA, the result was a similar “effect” – snow when heated blackens, as if it is artificial, as if from “plastic”. Snow fell in the USA, which blackens when heated and does not turn into waterPhotos from open sources Photos from open sources There are several cases the same type of experiment by different people with similar results. Before us is snow that does not turn into water and into in some cases, when you try to melt it, it turns black. The author of the information addresses other viewers of the videos and news readers asking them to conduct their own investigations and report the results to [email protected] due to the fact that the so-called “snow” behaves unusually, the authors Footage called it “geoengineering” snow created by manipulation and use of “geoengineering technology” intervention in natural processes. Photos from open sources Photos from open sources

Water Snow USA

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