Snow Maiden from the city of Tolyatti

Snow Maiden from the city of TolyattiPhotos from open sources of

On the eve of Christmas and New Year, it’s time to talk about a fantastic phenomenon of the Russian city of Togliatti – about the Snow Maiden, who lives here. This Snow Maiden is already over fifty and her name is Galina Kutereva.

However, if you see a chiseled figure of Galina from the back, you don’t give her twenty years, but this is not the point. Snow Maiden her name here is for a completely different reason: Galina all winter, despite no frosts (in Tolyatti they can reach 30 degrees in Celsius) walks in summer dresses – in a dress or shorts with a shirt. AND so for over ten years now. In this case, a woman, as expected real Snow Maiden, absolutely does not feel the cold.

When it’s especially frosty outside, the skin, of course, reacts to this, explains Galina, in the form of light tingling, but it is rather pleasant than uncomfortable. The most amazing thing about they tell me how about some kind of winter miracle, and I in the summer, in any heat I also feel comfortable – I do not sweat, I do not suffer from scorching the sun. Well, if so, then in my wardrobe, you yourself understand, for a long time there are no more fur coats, no coats – only summer outfits, and even those – the very ones lungs.

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Amazingly, Kutereva before that was the most ordinary, and a very painful woman who by the age of forty had accumulated a bunch sores, and among this “bouquet” serious joint diseases, and soon she was also diagnosed with cancer. Now of all this heavy “baggage” there is no trace left. Add to to this: Galina from early childhood suffered from a panicky fear of the cold, and therefore for her the approach of winter was always tantamount to disaster. But not now …

She defeated all the ailments and fears in herself, having started once seriously to do your health and self-development, abandoning the usual lifestyle. Here’s how she herself talks about it:

Of course, I went through wellness courses, and winter swimming, revised its nutrition and much more. Active and a healthy lifestyle for me today is the norm. But the main thing is even not this, but a positive attitude, love for this world, acceptance with joy any manifestation of it. But frankly, I’m not I know why my body was so rebuilt and not afraid of the cold, because many people, even among my friends, are wintering, lead a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time do not go in the winter in the summer clothes – they are cold and uncomfortable with what I do with pleasure. Maybe I’m really a born Snow Maiden? ..

A photo from open sources

Because of this fantastic ability, Galina is very it is popular in its own city, however, and in Russia as a whole it is already known many. Thanks to the press, the Internet, and even Grandfather Frost himself on Throughout the winter holidays he is happy to tell (and this year will talk) about his amazing granddaughter. Not do you believe? And you ask him yourself …

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