Snow Maiden or superwoman?

Snow Maiden or superwoman?A photo from open sources

The hidden possibilities of the human body are truly infinite and amazing. A prime example of this is event that happened to nineteen-year-old American Gene Hiliard in Langby, Minnesota.

On a cold morning, a girl lying in the snow was discovered by her neighbor. Apparently, Jin wanted to get to him and ask for help – her the car drove off the road.

The whole body of the victim was frozen. At her local hospital the state shocked all the doctors. It seemed like Jin was done from ice, her limbs did not move or bend. Doctors made all kinds of attempts to save the girl, but her condition remained critical. It was assumed that even if Jin comes into herself, she will have to amputate her legs. In addition, according to Doctors, the victim probably had a seriously damaged brain. Only the Jin family relied on a miracle … which happened two hours later.

Suddenly, the girl began to cramp, after which she woke up. Incredibly, Jin felt good – both physically and psychologically. Even frostbite gradually began to fade. unusual patient. After 49 days, Gene was discharged from the hospital. alive, healthy and unharmed.

According to some psychics, such superpowers possess exclusively all people. However, for some reason, some grow teeth in place of fallen, but the bulk of people – no. That’s in in this case, almost a hundred percent of frozen people would just die, and one girl out of a million of these survived. So what’s the mystery? After all, Jin herself, apparently, did not attach the slightest to this effort (neither physical nor spiritual), and she wasn’t in a trance, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s just the Snow Maiden? ..

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