Soldier of the Future: Super-Powerful Telepath with deadly vision

British Defense Ministry shared a vision for the future military personnel: their bodies will be modified using advanced technologies that make soldiers superstrong and fast.

According to the department, they are not planning to improve the soldiers. only physically, but also mentally: fighters of the future will be trained “telepathy” and the control of technology by the power of thought. Anyway, science will be capable of this by 2045.

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Soldiers of the middle of the 21st century will be able to carry up to 90 kilograms thanks to the exoskeleton, which will strengthen the arms and legs of the military. Such the “suit” will be equipped with a microcomputer, which not only synchronizes the movement of the body and skeleton, but will also warn about dangers and help develop speed.

However, the military of the future will be able to run fast without external skeleton. It’s supposed that genetic engineers will develop a way increase the fighter’s muscular strength by 30%. Such an experience was successful. put on mice, but it promises a person not seen before speed and power.

But even if a well-equipped fast soldier overtakes enemy bullet, his body will be ready to regenerate quickly. Artificial components in the blood will allow her to instantly coagulate and fight infections efficiently while blood vessels will have the ability to quickly recover. Also modified blood will saturate the brain faster with oxygen and useful elements.

If a soldier of the future gets into trouble, he can easily call to the help of colleagues thanks to telepathic abilities. Scientists already taught “reading thoughts” of rats, which were implanted in the brain special chips Soldiers’ similar abilities are important tactical advantage, the newspaper notes.

With the power of thought, the military can not only communicate, but also manage technique. At the Pentagon, such experiments have already been carried out: volunteers managed to control a model of the aircraft from a distance, and in the future it is planned to manage in this way the entire combat technique.

Journalists received information about such an ambitious project from one of the departments of the British Department of Defense, which shared the results of a recent discussion of advanced technologies, suitable for the military. The main conclusion of the two-day conference it became that by 2045 the development of medical technology could create a new type of genetically superior fighters.

Find out about the prospect of a whole army of fighters with opportunities for the heroes of the film “X-Men” the newspaper managed thanks Freedom of Information (FOI) program, which guarantees the right to receive information of any kind. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense The UK has already had to respond to requests from the FOI: the military told how they plan to repel a hypothetical attack zombie.

Human rights activists have not yet had time to respond to the promulgated concept of a soldier of the future. But we can assume that these ideas don’t like it. It is likely that activists will oppose these plans, condemning them also sharply as a likely implementation killer robots in modern armies.

UK Power of Thought

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