Some of the “Pet Cemetery” waking up

Some ofA photo from open sources

In almost the same way as described in Stephen King’s novel, the cat came under car wheels. It happened in the state of Florida (USA) – small the town of Tampa.

The owner of the unfortunate cat, Ellis Hutson, turned this over. occasion, but what can you do – all the will of God. Since his favorite Bart was lying on the pavement in a pool of blood and showed no signs life, Ellis took and buried him, that is, he simply buried in the ground.

Five days later, Bart returned from the cemetery, scaring to death his unfortunate master. The cat was terribly dirty, with caked blood on the body, without one eye – terrible and terrible, but … alive. True, it was not only creepy to Ellis, but it was also not clear how how did this “former Bart’s shadow” emerge from the grave?

Not being too timid and superstitious, Hutson just took and I took my pet to the nearest veterinary clinic. They determined in it that the animal has a jaw fracture, a serious head injury, is knocked out eye. But overall, the cat is alive and well. In the hospital, Bartu did operation, and soon the cat got better. And although for life he stayed without a single eye, to become involved in the mysticism of Stephen King’s novel didn’t want to …

An equally interesting case occurred with a stolen dog. On the surprise everything worked out, but how many emotions were needed see.

A life

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