Some people have the ability to see sounds

A new study in the UK showed that some people have the ability to see sounds because the part of their brain that is responsible for visual representation is very small. Photos from open sources In a phenomenon called “sound flash “when two beeps are accompanied by one light signal, you can see another flash of light. Second flash light, in fact, is an illusion. This ability of people due to the anatomical structure of their brain. New study conducted in the UK showed that some people possess the ability to see sounds, since the part of their brain that is responsible for visual representation, very small. “Some people see additional flash every time after a series of beeps, some do not see it every time, and some cannot do it at all see, “said study co-author Benjamin de Haas of University of London in its report to LiveScience magazine. The researchers used magnetic resonance imaging, to observe the brain activity of 29 volunteers under exposure to light and sound signals. 62 percent average participants in the experiment saw an illusion. “If we see any subject, we expect that what we see is identical with what other people see, but our experiments have shown that this is not so, – said de Haas. – The experiment showed that what we see is not the ultimate truth, and the result depends, first queue, from the anatomy of the brain. “The brain can compensate for sensations, if there is ambiguity in visual information, especially if the action is fast. “We assume that the reason is structural features of the brain. If the flow of neurons to the area, responsible for visual perception is small, then it acts like a camera with a small number of megapixels, which gives poor image quality, “says the scientist. It is assumed that part of the sensations is compensated by hearing, as moving objects are usually accompanied by noise. But only a fourth of the illusions can be explained by differences in brain structure. And it is not known whether a similar effect is applied in regarding other audiovisual illusions. “Observation is direct an immediate way to learn more about the world, but it affects a very large number of factors: hearing, vision, brain structure and, who knows what else? “de Haas concluded his report for LiveScience The results of the study were published by the Royal Society October 24, 2012.

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