Something abnormal has hit the camera lens observations

Something abnormal fell into the lens of the surveillance cameraA photo from open sources

The video below was received on February 4 at 00:50 nights somewhere in the USA. A man who wishes to remain anonymous claims that a surveillance camera installed in his garden captured then an incomprehensible anomaly.

At the top of the frame, a lantern is visible, in front of which, unexpectedly a surprisingly bright clot of light flashes. American draws attention to the fact that this mysterious glow has the form human palm. Say, index, middle and nameless fingers and little finger are down, with thumb set aside.

In the social network “Reddit”, where it was originally published this video, heated debate over what there was a strange radiance.

Some commentators believe that it was a ghost. By the opinion of others, it is a kind of energy essence. Third convinced that we are faced with a bizarre para-idol illusion, caused by snowflakes entering the lens. If you believe the fourth, the camera captures a certain natural phenomenon like wandering lights or ball lightning.

In other words, users of the World Wide Web are pushing many different theories but defined with absolute accuracy no one can anomaly, including the author of the publication. Video it turned out to be so popular that it was even studied experts, determining that this is genuine shooting, without any installation. However, all this clarifies little …

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